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Your Opinion on Legendaries

Is it just me or are some Legendaries kinda… crud? Like Calliope’s death scythe thing seems like it would be cool, but in practice is next to useless given how very little you get to use it… and even then, it can be resisted. The Epic charm is far more useful and powerful for that slot. Same for the rogue’s assassinate; the stealth requirement and huge cooldown has meant I’m yet to actually get to use it whereas the 3 zone Epic attack range got lots of use.

There are other examples, sometimes where levelled Rares are even better options than Epics or Legendaries. Any others you can think of or do you disagree? What are your reasons?

Absolutely. I don’t have many legendaries, but I certainly have rares that I use instead of epics. There are some commons that, if I can level enough, I would use over anything else.

I agree regarding the Rogue’s assassinate. But, that skill, alone, does 250% damage which still makes it pretty useful, especially if you can get a good crit chance. So, it comes down to supporting items. For example, if you happen to have other items that grant a lot of stealth, the legendary might come into its own, especially if you can get a higher proc rate.

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I have almost all of the legendary items and equip none of them. The way the game is set up it will take forever to fully level up the legendary items (if that is even possible) so at the very least you have to sacrifice better stats (even for common items!) in exchange for the effect that comes with the legendary.

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Some legendaries are totally worth it, others are as u say…crud lol.

Which is fine, that gives us a chance to use our commons/rares and epics. For example, I have all of Tommus’ legendaries, but maybe only use 1 of them.

Another interestign fact, is that fully levelled up items of other rarities have the exact same stats as a fully levelled legendary. What separates them is the ABILITY effect of an item.

Max levels are 4|8|12|16 (legend|epic|rare|common)


Do you have any fully leveled Legendary items? I believe it takes 2 + 5 + 10 = 17 copies one at a time to get to level 4 which is pretty difficult. So not only does the Legendary equipment need to have an ability you prefer you also usually have to be willing to take lower stats than if you had the fully leveled equipment of a lower rarity. Not a big deal but it does take some of the luster off of the excitement of getting a legendary.

Legendaries are usually pretty awesome when you get to level 10 (unlock) but by about level 12 they lose relevance as they’re still level 1 vs epics and rares that have comparable stats and better red dice proc rates.

Currently I only use 50-60% of my legendary items. Higher level Epics often provide greater stats and abilities than Level 1 Legendary Items. Once the Legendary Items are adequately levelled I will probably be using 75% Legendary Items.

I’m sure all legendaries are great at lvl 3-4, but it takes over 100 legendaries to fully max a character an around 1300 epics to do the same. I am accumulating epics over legendaries at a much faster rate than 13:1, so it’s a no brainer, use the lvl 5-8 epics I have as opposed to the pitifully few lvl 1 legendaries I have. I am only using one legendary at the moment and it will be replaced the instant the equivalent epic hits lvl 5. It honestly doesn’t bother me. I’m used to content being pay walled off in games like this. What does surprise me is how many people I see rocking over 50% legendaries in arena 6-7 and how easily I can beat them because their stuff rarely procs.