Your opinion on Rally Event?

Thank you @Ned all in all good idea, just need (a lot more) variety.


It’s absurdly difficult, where’s the fun if you can’t get past the fourth room. I have less and less desire to continue playing this. I think it will be the last month being vip


I also found it extremely difficult. Not sure what the levels are based on but can only get through a couple of rooms.


On one hand… It’s great to have an event that’s PVE and (basically) free to play. On the other hand… The seemingly endless slog of slowly burning through rooms full of monsters and portals that more monsters come through is not at all rewarding to play through. It’ll be good for clearing quests, at least.


@Fizbanius - 90 minutes for all 75 room at one go? My game speed is so slow I can’t imagine this being done in less than 5 hours but regardless…

What’s your build and item levels? If you’re working with all maxed out legendaries yeah, maybe the event was boring but if that’s the case… hardly a reason to make a post that sounds an awfully lot like either whining or bragging, especially with the screenshots.

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The drudgery of this ‘event’ is a complete waste of time. It simply converts valueless tokens into keys which will be needed for the real guild events.

If the necessary keys were collected from chests instead of tokens, this baseless event could have been avoided altogether. Alternatively, the duration of the current event could have been significantly reduced to make it somewhat palatable.

Additionally, I have no idea how players with average level items manage to compete in this calamity.

Once again, an event has been introduced which is universally detested. Why does the developer continue to frustrate and aggravate players with such needless travails?


@Venerus sorry man, didnt know the level of the mobs was the same for everyone.
I thought it was calibrated on the level of the player: I didnt mean to whine nor brag at all.

Well this is absurd. It’s too hard for many players in this case. Yes I completed the Rally in 90ish minutes but with 2 lvl 20 and 2 lvl 19 toons.


I realize that some players have teams and equipment to compete and complete this event , I unfortunately never passed the 3rd room nor had I earned enough trophies to run more 4 attempts. I found the event far too difficult to gain anything and recieved nothing more than loss of trophies and more frustrations with the game.

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It may have been easy and boring for someone with lvl 19 and 20 characters, but i am finding it very difficult. Rarely making it past the 2nd or 3rd room. I’ve done about 8 attempts and have 17 rooms total.

All of my characters are lvl 12 and well equipped, but if I get a single missed attack or bad initiative order, it’s done. It comes down to luck rather than skill or tactics. Others in my guild also are seeing the same thing. I know lvl 12 isn’t that high, but the difficulty level here is ridiculous.



And this.

However, I’m happy to see that devs introduced so many fresh things in the game. Let’s say these things just need a bit of “calibration”.

Luckily, for my level&gear it’s a nice challenge. I can usually reach room 5/6, depending on when dopplegangers show ^^


@Clancularius @wise1_forsure
Yes guys, fully agree with you, it’s ridiculos and very unfair that the difficulty is set so high. This makes the event very poorly unbalanced and too hard for too many players (almost inaccessible for low level teams).

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@Fizbanius Oh I’m so sorry man, I misread the tone of your initial post entirely. Didn’t mean to come at you so hard.

What device are you playing on that the game runs so well? I’m on a relatively new iPad and it runs like tar through a garbage disposal.

Also what is your build? Guessing 100% cleanse/100% taunt uptime on Tom, but other than that just AoE damage for your Shev and Sarv?

Sorry again for misreading you.


Ludia should have implemented it like events in other games. Have the first few rooms very easy, and gradually get more difficult as you go. Along the way, the rewards go from measly to better as you get to harder content. This way, even the lower level folks get something, but the better equipped get more. This allows all to gain something, and incentivizes everyone to do gear up and do better next time.


Unless the difficulty is dilated with adequate rewards added this preliminary event will remain an unnecessary waste of time.

While many features of the update are appealing, the Rally Event appears to be a pointless add-on included merely for intumescence.


@Venerus yo mate, no problem at all, I’m not English native speaker (Italian) so my property of language doesn’t allow me to be very effective with my communication.

Said so, I have a Samsung S10 plus and 1Gb/sec fiber broadband WiFi, yet I have to say the 4.5 LTE+ network also works perfectly when not at home.

With regard to my team I used Tommus with flask to avoid stun frok cranium rats and Leg. Sword to clean rooms fast, Shevarith with lvl 3 Lef. Staff to clean rooms in a while (50% proc) and maxed lvl 20 Saarvin with epic gear, Halbenet with Leg. Mace to stun mobs when needed.

Hope I was of help.

Have a nice day


I think i see a trend here. So far these events cater to high level players, or rather players who are well equipped. Test of might gave huge advantages to high level players as they seemingly are always running into lower level players (the last 4 test of mights, 98% of my fights were all against players that are 3 levels higher than my average of 13s). Can’t find a player, fight bots. Level 13 vs level 18 bots. No comment.

It’s not surprising this event can only be successfully done easily by high level players that have been playing for a while. What about the rest of the player base? Sounds like a big insult to them when they see such events.

When this patch was live, reading the patch notes, I thought this event would just be endless amount of rooms with few albeit tough enemies. Instead it’s just a relentless assault of some of the most annoying enemies in the game. Dominate, stun, copy attack + effects skills, 3 range whole zone blast and probably the worst of all, countless enemies coming out of gates. Each gate can generate anywhere from 5 to 10 enemies. Seeing as how most of the rooms have at least 2 gates (i’m aware some have 1) you are fighting anywhere from 10 to 20 enemies per room. Holy hell… instead of asking if the devs playtested this, let’s ask, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?

With only an average party level of 14, I cannot make it past floor 7. Getting to even floor 7 took me at least 20 to 30 minutes. That rat room is by far the worst room. I was down 2 characters and I knew right away this is a room that I won’t be getting a turn. I went downstairs, heated a 2 minute hotpocket, went back up to my room, enemies were still taking their turn. It took FOUR MINUTES for me to take my turn oh but once I got to go, it took another minute until my party finally got wiped.

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Hey Sigma, try to improve your playstyle.
My party is made of lvl11 with average gear (no lvl5 epic, no lvl3 legends, only few lvl2).
I consistently hit room 5, often room 6, sometimes room 7 and once room 8. It’s the same for my guildmates with similar gear and chars level.

You complain about the rats room, but it is the easiest one: just make sure to always leave the previous room with a provoke on. Your tank will be dominated & stunned, so he will be standing still and harmless.
The rest of your team can clear the room. Do not rush, make sure to recharge all abilities before leaving the room and to pop a provoke as the last action of your tank.

The real pain are the doppleganger rooms. You should find a strategy to mitigate their impact on your team ^^
I found mine (hint: paladin’s barrier is GOLDEN)

Also, this is not how ToM works.
When you see a higher level player matched against you, it’s because he’s playing a normal battle match.
In ToM all players are always matched with higher level/arena players (although the algorithm is not completely clear) or bots.


@Old_Benn’s post makes the most sense to me as to how these events should work. In general I’d expect players to be able to go further and faster in events based upon a graduation of how leveled they and their gear are and to be able to gather more rewards as players increase in strength. @Fizbanius, for example, hands down has a better team than me and I’d expect him to have an easier go at it than me, and similarly I have an easier go than someone several rings down the strength ladder and so on.

And yes, more variety in rooms would have been nice. I basically did the same as Fizbanius, I just had to take a more defensive team and so took a lot longer. But boy did it get tedious and boring, turning excitement into pain.


I understand that you have to “set up” your team before heading forwards but again, like i said, each room would take like 5 minutes then. I don’t want sit there for 5 hellish minutes just to prep up for the next room. This should NOT be intended game play.i Just want to move on but if I have to spend an extra 2 to 3 minutes just to get everybody’s cooldown to 0, this is NOT a good way to play the game and overall is NOT a good event.

And even then you’re stuck in single digit rooms. Not even double digits. Yeah, great progress, even after all that you still end up nowhere. You make a good point, but in the end it doesn’t get you anywhere you actually want to get to.

Trust me when I say this, i do prepare my party so that I’m ready for the next room. But knowing that the the next few rooms look next to impossible, why even bother?

You know what, let’s give this event the benefit of the doubt. For low levels, it was intended to be difficult. You are supposed to spend many tokens to complete this event. That’s just about the best argument I can give this event. Too bad it doesn’t justify the vast amount of enemies pitted against you in every room.

Btw, how are you supposed to know the next room will always be a rat room? Just assume? Always have taunt up? What if you don’t have a taunter? What if you don’t have the wizard’s legendary weapon? Oh, i guess that’s another flaw, you HAVE to play with certain character compositions or it’s next to impossible. I just want to play with certain characters only but nope, even the game doesn’t want you using other characters that isn’t right for this event. Flawed event is flawed and I am sticking with my reasoning.

As per the enclosed picture my guild unlocked the final prize but no one seems to have received anything? Was supposed to be a couple more skeleton keys no?