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So, I started my little series about 2 weeks ago, and now, I feel like ending it. At first, the reception was good, but now… Nobody likes it.

  • I like it
  • I dislike it

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So if there are more votes for dislike than like, I’m ending the series. I really liked it and wished more people did.

I like your series. There’s no reason to end it



I respectfully and politely disagree with your opinion :blush:

I think you should end it. Yes that. End it.

Excuse me?

ok, fine i will

Can you explain why?

No need to end it at all. If you like making them you should keep doing it

He justs annoys everyone on the forums, he argued about some creature that isn’t even real Ultra everything? (Creature file #110)

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If you want my honest opinion, here it is:
I really have’t given your series any time. I’ve never really been one for fanfics, and I’ve never really loved the battling aspect of this game. (Are we trying to save the dinosaurs or destroy them? The storytelling of this game makes no sense.)
HOWEVER, this is your art, and each story you write is an opportunity to hone your craft. If people are being receptive to it, continue sharing it. If people aren’t, keep writing for your own pleasure. If I shot down every young artist for not delivering the genre and quality I’d like, we basically wouldn’t have any left. Keep it going.


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Your always gonna deal with criticism, that happens anywhere and everywhere, but if you enjoy it, or enjoy brightening another persons day, keep up with it. I try to keep it constructive and I’ll always be honest with you

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let the keep going. they’ll eventually get a ban for trolling. and we all will have a better time.

on the topic of ending your series, don’t. I quite enjoy them. i may not comment on them (mostly because i’m at work), but i do enjoy what you’re doing. keep it up.

Nope. Not trolling. Report all you want lol not going anywhere.

Dude if you enjoy doing it then carry on. Do it because you want to, because it makes you happy. There’s always gonna be people that criticise but as the old saying goes “ opinions are like a** holes, everybody has one”.
If you are passionate about this embrace it and if you give even one person joy from your venture then I reckon that’s more than worth any negatives you will draw.