Your optimum team?

Let’s say coins and the like were of no concern and you have been able to get eight dinosaurs up to level 26. Which eight would you want on your team and why?

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Indorapter - has a chance to beat anything in the game.

Tryko - amazing card. Would take the place of my stego. Stands up well to many things with a great kit.

Green chicken. Second best starter in the game imo. Fast. High dmg. Stuns. Swapping. Great dino.

Erlidominus. Stupid fast, stupid dmg. Immune. Best starter in the game imo.

Spino. 3rd best starter imo (I guess these are all my opinion :joy:). Bleeder. Fast. Swoop majorly buffed (50% more dmg is a big deal).

Thor. I love this dino. Its a crit machine. Its really fun.

Rinex. Tanky. Hits hard. Priorty stun. Hit and run. Whats not to like?

Tuora. It needs love. But I love it.


My 8;

1 - Postimetrodon; I absolutely adore her design so much, she’s honestly one of my favorite dinosaur in-game.

2 - Diorajasaur; IT’S GODZILLA! need I explain more?

3 - Stegodeus; being my first legendary, Stegodeus holds a spot in my heart.

4 - Trystonix; I absolutely adore his design as much as Postimetrodon’s.

5 - IndoRaptor; its an Indoraptor.

6 - Alankylosaurus; it looks like a dragon, I love dragons :stuck_out_tongue:

7 - Suchotator; She’s won me so many battles I physically can’t get rid of her. Plus, she’s my highest leveled rare at 17.

8 - Magnapyritator (or however it’s spelled) - My all-time favorite dinosaur, I love everything about her. Her design, her Moveset, her animations, everything!

Some honorable mentions;

Tragodistis, Indominus Rex, Pyriitator, Monomimus, Dracoceratops, Ankylodon, Pryoraptor, Gorgosaurus, Gorgosuchus, Pteranodon, Rajakylosaurus and Spinotahsuchus.

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Mine? Hm…

Indominus Rex. My favourite Jurassic franchise hybrid and one of my all-time favorite “dinosaurs” along with the real Giganotosaurus and T-Rex. I also incredibly love her playstyle.

Indoraptor. I love the kit and is a very cool hybrid.

Tyrannolophosaurus. I’d love to use Epic T-Rex here, but since she kinda is a direct upgrade of Rexy / Roberta… Oh well. Still a T-Rex. Sort of.

Erlidominus… I just love Indo-things, okay? So Indochicken has a place as well.

Thoradolosaurus. Cause CRITS, IF YOU AIN’T GOT THE CRIT YOU AIN’T S… You know what I mean. :smiley:

Trykosaurus. MORE TEETH. Also, another T.Rex… Sort of :smiley:

Touramoloch. I just love the spiky bugger. :3

Diorajasaurus. Love the kit and the design.

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Drac g2: sia dsr.
Provides support to win bad matchups

tryko: it’s a trex that can actually fight.
Counter attack beast used to save drac g2 while maintaining offence

erlidom: it’s so rare that it’s cool.
Speedy cloak user for cleaning up or technical cloak use for 4x rampage at high speed

Indo raptor: I love the movie
The perfect starter able to trade with almost anything even it’s counters

Magna: if looks could kill😏
The essential nullifier Dino to hit cheeky dodge/cloak Dino’s and stop buffs

Spinotasuchus: make everything red!
Makes anything not immune die and the swoop to drac g2 sia combo is absolutely amazing

green chicken: dilourano reborn!
The speedy stunner also combos with drac g2 for crazy burst damage

Tentorex: it has Rex in its name!
Debuff king

Team theme most selections have access to defence shattering rampage and 2 selections can combo their hit and run/swoop with drac g2

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