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Your own nicknames for dinos

I want to see some names of dinosaurs you guys can come up with.

Here’s some of mine:

Tragodistis: Tragedy
Megistotherium: Dog
Carnotaurus: Toast (Gaming beaver)
Mortem: Godzilla (Gaming beaver)

I have more but I can’t remember them.

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I called Nundasuchus “Fang”

I call poukaidei “cut open”

There were more of these but idr them
Para lux: Glow
Hadros: Thunder
Amphicyon: Oliver (my dog :heart: :dog: )
Ovilopho: Cute boi
Gorgotrebax: Snowy


Wow I didn’t know that

Hatzegopteryx: Hatz

Blue: Blue (My dog)

Are there any furry white creatures

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Ovilophosaurus: dandelion, sunflower, cockatiel
Alloraptor: wingless dragon killing machine
Para Lux: Glowy boi
Mortem: Godzilla
Dimorphodon: (this is what I called it before I was a huge fan of the series and knew every JW species while watching JW) pteranodon with a t-rex head
Thoradolosaurus: Thor god of crits/speed/attack
Monolonometrodon: Pain
Complocaulus: Arrowheads, boomerangs, boomerang gang
Poukandactylus: cassowary eagle
there are more but that’s all I could think of at the moment


A few are known by some people but anywho:

Mortem: Godzilla
Monolorhino: Mandalorian rhino
Oviliophosaurus: BT
Dodos: Dum, Dummy and Dummer
Dodocevia: Carakillas
Poukandactylus: Ho-oh
Indoraptor: Alita
Purutaurus: Prowler
Carbotoceratops: Kabuto-ceratops
Smilonemys: Quarterback
Carbonemys: Oogway
Meiolania: Ghidorah
Ardontosaurus: Atom
Procerathomimus: MEGA Becky
Dracoceratops: Remy
Dracoceratosaurus: Toxic waste Remy
Indoraptor GEN 2: Alita GEN 2
Parasaurolophus lux: Melania (in honor of my grandmother, who passed away the day I got my first one, may she rest in peace)
Deinonychus: Tomahawk
Velociraptor: Rocket
Quetzalcoatlus: Wisdom
Sarcorixis: King K. Rool


Secodontosaurus: Second place
Carbonemys: Turtle
Kentrosaurus: Kenny
Koolasuches: Koolaid (Gaming beaver)
Irritator: Irritating

Haast: Birb 1
Haast g2: Birb 2
Gamma: Turkey
Velosrhacos: Joe


How could I forget anakin the veloshracos! as well as these guys
Procerathomimus: Yoshi, christmas turkey, or green becky
Smilonemys: Cat turtle
Struthiomimus: Strut
W. Rhino: mudhorn
Dodocevia: plucked turkey
Gorgotrebax: fluffy snow lizard
Ceramagnus: Train
Erlikogamma: banner
Quetzorion: the chicken
Andrewsarchus: andrew or dog pig
pachycephalosaurus: friar tuck
parasaurolophus: elvis
Compsognathus: compies(of course), tiny death lizard, dieter
Ardentismaxima: The tower
Eremotherium: Sid
W. Mamoth: Manny
Smilodon: Diego
Tyrannosaurus Rex: Rexy or sharptooth

What creature(s) would be named a “tank”


Compy G1: Eye eater 1
Compy G2: Eye eater 2
Dodos: Hungry, Sad, and Tired

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diploventor ( evil fluffy) gaming beaver

Ovilophosaurus = Mr President

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11/03/2019 - Indoraptor (Black)
02/16/2020 - Thoradolosaur (Thor)
04/18/2020 - Erlidominus (Nightmare Chicken)
05/29/2020 - Ardentismaxima (Maxima)
08/01/2020 - Quetzorion (Colorful Peacock)
08/03/2020 - Diloracheirus (Dilora)
08/21/2020 - Smilonemys (Heartthrob)
01/06/2021 - Tuoramoloch (Prickly)
01/31/2021 - Trykosaurus (Queen)
02/01/2021 - Utarinex (Rinex)
02/20/2021 - Geminititan (Twins)
03/26/2021 - Erlikospyx (Spyx)
04/06/2021 - Monolorhino (Unicorn)
05/03/2021 - Testacornibus (Forehead)

Procerathomimus (Christmas tree)
Indoraptor Gen 2 (White/ Toothpaste)

Any hadrosaur: Good boi
Indom gen 2 I sometimes referred to it as cheese
Poukaidei: Doom eagle
Purataurus: Burnt toast
Megalogaia: Sans
And alloraptor: Tactical Nuke
Also call any trebax animation dog
Antarctolovenator: Heat flaffy
Ardentis: Demented dentist
Poukandactylus: Mohawk Eagle
Last one for now, Quetzorion: Red bull

What happened there?

oh yes, accidentally replied to you with other dino nicknames I remembered rather than myself, sorry about that

Suchotator: Tater Tot
Phorusrhacos: Danger Chocobo