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Your own nicknames for dinos

Keratoporcus: porky
Poukandactylus: parrot
Gorgotrebax: dog
Entelochops: pork chop
Stigydaryx: hell pterosaur
Dodocevia: turkey
Compsocaulus: arrow head
Entelolania: mohawk turtle
Eremoceros: sloth
Mortem rex: morty
Amphicyon: doggo

Haast Eagles: Birb
Poukandactylus: Borb

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Mammolania: Ugly Boi

Erlidominus: Spiky Chicken

Proceratosurus: ProC

Mortem: Godzilla Rex

Indo g2: better indo

Indoraptor: ripper

Procerathomimus: green Becky/yoshi (both from the beavers)

Eremotherium: Sid/mortem killer

Parasurus Lux: para Lux


Thylacotator: thyla
Indoraptor: my dog. She has the black colour of the indoraptor. All u have to do is put a golden stripe down each side and boom you have an indoraptor
Procerathomimus: yoshi
Titanoboa: snek!
Titanoboa Gen 2: snek! 2!
Trex: rexy
Parasaurolophus lux: bioluminescent para (or just bio para)
Phorusaura: birb
Carbonemys: turtle
Meiolania: turtle 2
Gallimimus: mine mine mine
Dodo: lead dodo: greedy. Right dodo: sacrifice! (because it always dies first). Left dodo: beta dodo
Amphicyon: cute little doggy
Spinoconstrictor: ultra snek!
Brachiosaurus: brackastackasaurus

Here’s a few I could think of.
Velociraptor: Razorfang
T. Rex: Bloodtooth (from that one Dinosaur Island thing on YouTube from forever ago)
Spinonyx: Ripsaw
Indominus: Indy
Indoraptor: Ripper (I don’t have this one, but that’s what I call it)
Indominus G2: Dominus
Indoraptor G2: Meilyn
Spinosaurus G2: Spyro
Allosaurus G2: Highjump
Dakotaraptor: Black Claw

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Tryostronix: skeletor
Indominus: monster mash
Diloracheirus: green nightmare chicken
Monolometrodon: rage lizard
Procerathomimus: rage chicken
Carbonemys: epic turtle
Megistotherium: epic doggo
T-rex: trex (pronounced CHrex)
Ardentismaxima: the dentist

more i can’t remember


For me
Compsognathus(compy 1)
Compsognathus gen 2(compy2)
Moschops and scutosaurus(armpit guy’s)
Indoraptor(black dog)
Ankylosaurus(thick turtle)
Ovilophosaurus(The sunflower)
And so on

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Here’s some I Came up with
Mortem Rex: Godzilla (Obviously)
Testacornibus: Xerneas (Pokemon)
Monolometrodon: Overrated Pain (Well, What it once was…)
Mammolania: Bowser
Procerathomimus: Yoshi
Entelolania: Leonardo (TMNT, Cuz both are the leaders of there turtle team)
Carbotoceratops: Raphael (TMNT, Like His Brother Counterpart Being Entelolania)
Lythronax: The Lord Himself
That’s all I can think off for some, I might come with some more idk


Quetzorion: Fluffy Boi
Smilonemys: Armored Kitty
Spinonyx: Nyx
Kerato: Big Pig
Carnotarkus: Hunter of Hadros
Majungdaboa: Pls buff (real nickname is Anti Swap but seriously Ludia buff when?)
Acrocanthops: Crogodoggo
Diplovenator: Distractinator


Hadros Lux: Lumia

Tyrannosaurus Rex: Rexy

Ceramagnus: Moss Moose

Mortem Rex: Godzilla (because it looks like Godzilla, not because of GB)

Edmontoguanodon: Edmund

Indoraptor G2: White Shadow

Stygidaryx: Stygi

Touramoloch: Prickle

Smilonemys: Turtle Kitty

More when they come to mind.

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Stygdaryx: Me (Has styg and yx and add ion the BOOM got my name)

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oooo icall it just styg
spinocomstriktor con
utarinex nex
erlidomius minus
tarbosaurus teh nuke
thylacotator rending master
sinocertaops fat man
mortem spike
hadros lux TheApex
compsognathus (confirmed) compy
dodo dodoman
thoraodlosaur thunderous
monolometrodon sharpspine monrstrous
tsintaosaurus rip:(
triceratops (confirmed) trike
ankylosaurus ( confirmed) anky
bumpy cute
irex skullrex
indo bigteeth
mosasaurus “the great devourer”
trex (confirmed) rexy
tupandactlyus hornrip
majungasaurus snowwinter

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Titanaboa Gen 2- Titan Prince
Titanaboa- Titan King
Majungaboa- Reaper
Dilophoboa- The Cunning Distractor
Spinoconstrictor- Venom


dinos with names of bomb be like
tarbosaurus nuke
sinoceratops fat man
dodo little boy
brachiosaurus magnitude 10 earthquake
apatosaurus cobalt
ankylosaurus B53
diorajasaur hiroshima
mortem rex tsar bomba
hadros lux yelowstone eruption

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Phorusrhacos: phosphorusaguirgathutai(what my friend used to call it, phosphorus and then a buncha spammed letters)
Delta: Joe’s mama(cuz velosrhacos is joe)
Kelenken: Chicken
Monolometrodon: Evil smile(Am I the only one that sees it???)
Monolorhino: bob
Poukandactylus: Parakeet

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Velo for velociraptor

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Geminititan Rose
Ardentismaxima Jack
Testacornibus Xerneas
Utasinoraptor Sceptile (shiny)
Magnapyritor Magna
Mortem Nitro
Hadros Lux Hadro
Ceramagnus Cerarat
Monolorhino Rhinorat

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Hadros Lux: Luna (cause she glows like moonshine)

Mortem Rex: Grimm (named after the Grim Reaper since the name Mortem Rex means “Death King”)

Tragodistis: Tank (cause mine used to have teir 8 health)

Mammolania: Tank 2.0

Gorgotrebax: Winter (cause of the effect is says she does to the air in her description)

Poukandactylus: Watermelon birb :watermelon::eagle:

Ceramagnus: Maximus

Tuoramoloch: Thorn

Haast Maximus: Anqa (named after the Arabian Phoenix cause if I named it Rodan that would seem a little cliche.)

Thoradolosaur: Gigas

Dsungaia or Stegodeus: Armatus

Compsocaulus: The Arrowheads

Erlidominus: Scorpio (cause mine can deliver quite the Sting!)

Entelolania: Gamera

Proceratomimus: Yoshi

Refrenantem: Jirass (I may chose a different name when I get a better look at it when it comes out)

I will add more when I think of more names


ceramagnus: sideburn cera, cera, “SARAH!!!” -Ian Malcom
hadros: glowing ocean(reminds me of the dark ocean at night with dinoflagellates in the waves)
haast maximus: rodan
refrenament whatever the dilo apex is: Nedry killer, glowing frilled lizard
trykosaurus: tryko
Erlikospix: spyx
Phosouria(instant charge birb): instant charge birb, chicken
Gallimimus: gallo from the valley
Dakotaraptor or dakotanops: nightfury
tryostornyx: skullcrawler with arms and legs
scutosaurus: scuto, buff lizard
edmontoguanodon: eddie
touramoloch: needles
gemimnititan: gem, aqua-sauropod, rainbow snake