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Your own nicknames for dinos

Carbotoceratops. I end up saying it as Car Bottletops.


Haast Maximus: Rocket Eagle

Diplodocus: Diplo
Velosrhacos: Fire Chicken
Haast Maximus: Fire Birb
Coelhaast: Gliding Birb
Coelosauravus: Glidy, Gliding and Glider
Compsagnathus: Dieter, Venom and Small
Stegosaurus: Walnut Brain

T rex, the good dinosaur (thegamingbeaver)

I would call the archaeopteryx feather babies

My kid loves dinosaurs and dragons too much. He sometimes came up with a name of his fave dino!

I would call my not yet to be argentavis and archeo- whatever Super feathery babies

If I have Compsocaulus I’m gonna call them the Boomerang Squad(get it?)

But for now here are my nicknames I’ve given to them

Velosrhacos: Angry Birb
Dodocevia: Triple Angry Birb
Indominus: Menace
Thylacotator: Spiky Cat
Compy G1: Rat Squad
Majungdaboa: Purple Basilisk
Ankylodicurus: Spiky Potat Boi
Brontolasmus: Charlie Brown The Rhino
Eremotherium/Megalonyx: Sid and Flash

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