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Your own nicknames for dinos

Thylacator: thylapotato
Tryostornix: Lord death of murder mountain
DodoC: murderous McChicken nuggets
Trykosaurus: wart infested t Rex
Tentorex: Goat face
Antarcticanevator: rainbow slug
Phourex: smooth brained bird
Skoonasaurus: Jason Voorhees
Testacornibis: nerfed in 2.14
Allosinosaurus: Thick-skulled
Thor: Greenie Meanie, or Thor god of crits
Erlikospyx: One giant chicken
Indominus: overused rex that can’t kill resilients
Indoraptor: Indotrashptor, or fastest piece of junk, Evadin tax fraud, or waste of coins and boosts


Drag that emote back to the Goose Gang discord server where it belongs

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Erliodminus: Earl:)

Sinokotaraptor: Eins (middle one), Zwei (left one, right when facing backwards), and Drei (right one, left when facing backwards) (named them similarly to how I named my Compsocaulus trio)

Trykosaurus: Heavy

Geminititan: either Goliath, or Gwen

Arctovasilas: Ursa Major