Your own nicknames for dinos

Does it count that I name my team? For example, my Trykosaurus. Since the movie T.Rex is Rexy, I would call the JWA T.Rex “Roxy”. So it seemed natural to nickname my Trykosaurus “Trixie”


Ankylomoloch is mega Bumpy and Ankylos Lux is ultra bumpy


Tuoramoloch: Tour Guide

Antarctopelta: Antarctic shield

Andrewtops:What is this?

I love your posts and topics so I named my Thoradolosaur Epic

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Indominus Rex:Revenge

Dracoceratops: SINISTER
Swapping In Never Incompetently, Straight To Evil Rampages

may the old dracoceratops be { burning in he|| }

My current squad:

Ardentismaxima: Maxine
Erlidominus: Ben
Erlikospyx: Jerry
Quetzorion: Rooster
Geminititan: Noodle
Trykosaurus: Fido
Stygidaryx: Thrawn
Phorusaura: Murderchicken

And my honored veterans:
Suchotator: Vanguard
Diplotator: Doggo
Alankylosaurus: Evac
Thor: Loki
Dracoceratops: Cannonball
Indoraptor: Shadow
Indominus Rex: Phantom
Spinotasuchus: Overqueen
Procerathomimus: The worst chicken ever (or other such variations of the same; named during the age where it was, in fact, the Worst Chicken Ever)

Carbonemys: CarbTurtle
Megalotops: Sack of Potatoes with Horns

Rajakylosaurus: The Shredder
Rexy: Queen Bee
Ankylodactylus: Seagulls
Quetzorion: Chicken
Thats all for me.

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