Your perfect date

Being that dating is the general theme of the game :sweat_smile:

If you could take a match out on a date what would you plan?

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Probably something that will involve a helicopter. :helicopter:

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It depends but I would take Sage, Felicia to a haunted house

I’d take Elizabeth and Fei to Bex’s carnival

Ingrid and Eveline in a cam session :fire:

Dahlia and Clementine to a Beserk concert

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It depends we talking about real-life matches or matches from Lovelink?

If we’re talking real life, there are so many incredible places in London. There’s the London Eye or The Shard, both of which are amazing at night as you can see all of London lit up like a Christmas tree.

If we’re talking matches from the game, I’d take Clementine to Winterbrook. It’s where Agatha Christie lived from 1934 till her death in 1976. Once there, we’d go to the Wallingford Museum, where there’s an Agatha Christie Exhibition. Then after that, we’d go on the Dame Agatha Christie Trail, a trail that guides you to places with connections to Agatha, including her Winterbrook home and the church in which she is buried.

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Lovelink Match, real date.

For me I’d start us off with coffee and a walking tour of the weird little museums around town. Theres one that is also a shoe store but isn’t a shoe museum. Pop into Powells Books which is one of the largest independent book stores in the world and an awesome experience. I insist everyone who visits me go there at least one.

Grab a bite to eat at the food pods near by or eat at the bar.

Drinks and gaming at Vault 31. That place is awesome. TVs and game systems galore with nerdy themed drinks and food. It’s exactly what you’d expect it to be given the name of the place. Could easily spend hours there just gaming and enjoying the atmosphere.

Then uber (Don’t drink and drive Kids.) back to Portland where we’d break into the Rose Garden because the view of the city at night is magical but the place is closed at night.:shushing_face:

If things went really well I’d offer to check out my home office. Where all my nerd magic happens.

Probably Fei.

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Vault 31? I just looked it up my step brother lives in Vancouver CA just north of Washington state

:rofl: It’s my second sanctuary. (The first being my office.)

Vancouver, Washington is a tiny little place compared to Vancouver, Canada. Mostly known for the Fort Vancouver National Reserve. Wasn’t much as far as nightlife until recent years. Truly neat places are few and far between still though. Portland is about 20 minutes over the river. Much more to do there.

I almost took a trip to the west coast but couldn’t because of the pandemic last year but I probably will next year. I have family in Cali and Vancouver