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Your Personal Tournament Victory!

As another tournament comes to an end I would like to suggest something.

Remember your rank (trophy level)

And I’ll tell you why. The way to win at a game that’s impossible to win is to set your own objectives, each time you complete your objective you’re winning. You’ve completed a ‘goal’, but don’t set the bar too high either so that you don’t have fun. But do try to remember your rank at the end of the tournament and when the next tournament comes around (don’t inwardly groan) why not just have a go at beating your own personal best? I think if you try it you’ll be pleasantly surprised and pleased with yourself at the progress you’re making. Keep being positive.

What were your most favourite battle moments during the tournament?


Best Moment: To arrive this Saturday to my best position (340) with 5186 trophies after beating a TOP100.

Worst Moment: Having to battle yesterday until very late “by obligation” to return to 5000 after having lowered the Saturday from 5185 to 4820. More than 40 battles between Saturday and Sunday to get it.

Final result: Glad to have fulfilled my goal of being above 5000 despite having lost the opportunity to be Top500 for the first time at the end of a tournament if Saturday had stopped playing.


That’s absolutely fantastic mate, well done! Next time, maybe next time. :wink:

While this would apply to the arena in general rather than the tournament specifically, I’ve started recording my highest trophy count and use it as a benchmark for gauging the effectiveness of my team. If I drop too low, I stop battling and concentrate on improving my dinos and switching my roster around to try new things.

As for Tournament specifically: As long as I remain in the prize range while still being able to complete daily missions, that’s good enough for me. I’m now able to reliably stay in the lower marshes despite the infestation of players with newly acquired legendaries.


Favorite: Reaching 5,114 trophies (rank 390) on January 1.

But even if I had stopped right there (and what fun would that have been?) it wouldn’t have been enough for top 500 at the end (rank 500 had 5,165 trophies).

Although I was above 5,000 several times, and that was my goal, I still didn’t camp. No regrets, though - I finished with 4,947 trophies, which is an improvement since Tournament 3 (4,779). Yes, I keep notes :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for this post. I’m sure many players are disappointed today, this gives some perspective.

Congrats to everyone for making it through another tournament! :laughing:


Favorite I went on a beauty win streak and was ranked 190-ish about a week ago. Battled some more and dropped down to 469 yesterday. Today I am unranked.

My goal was top 500 but I’ll take my 5000 trophy reward.

Biggest eye opener is how competitive around 5000 trophy range.


My target originally was 4500 as I just missed out last time and got the rare incubator. As the tournament progressed I improved my team considerably and revised my goal to be 4750. I got into this tier several times and decided not to camp; high point was reaching a new personal best of 4920 this morning - thought I could push on and make 5000 but went on a losing streak and dropped to 4767 - decided to take that and kicked off a 24 hour incubator :slight_smile:

The next major improvements to my team are a loooooong way off so - subject to the rules being unchanged - my aim would be to stay in that reward tier next time.


My victory was getting to 4.5k and then not being able to battle for a week and a half :upside_down_face:


Best moment: camping for a week and watching the spoofers wear themselves out for nothing.

Rank: 125

Now back to battling.

First fight. Clearly a spoofer for how poorly they played with such an heavy hitting team (28-30 Uniques) faced off my:
Suchotator (29), Tanya (30), Stegoceratops (27) and Indo (29). 3-1 victory because they didn’t know how to use their 30 Tryk, Indo 29 and 28 Thor.

Sad really, and horrible at the same time because they gave me almost 50 trophies. A spoofer account with their rank, non deserving, should have gone to a more deserving player out there that grinds their way up.

My personal tournement victory was realizing that I just dont care about the tournements anymore. :sunglasses:


Nicely done!

Sadly there is time where their 30 Thor is in autopilot mode and just crit all :upside_down_face:


I hear you brother! Seen it, been through it! Least there is some justice in the world left! Hopefully there will be another purge soon! :slight_smile:

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Wait 5165 for rank 500? And i was rank 150 with under 5400? So 350 were crammed into a 200ish trophy range? Wow, THAT’S a bottleneck…


My goal was the 4750 level, and I made it with 34 trophies to spare - though I camped the last 18 hours or so. Waaay back in August and early september I always flirted with the rank 500 line, back and forth as the RNG cycled.

I took about 6 weeks off, coming back just after Halloween. I leveled up dinos and made some new ones, but I knew I’d lost a lot of momentum.

So my favorite moments were the surprise wins, where my team did better than I thought and it wasn’t because of RNG. I poked above 4900 a few times before getting slapped back down.


And just think how many are crammed in the 200ish below that …

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Best moment was 4 days ago. Winning streak and Rank 247/Trophies 5243. I took the risk and wanted to battle to the end. Drobbed below 5k but started won again. End result Rank was around 460-470 and trophies 5171. I’m happy with that :slight_smile:


My goal was to get over 5000 trophies.

First tournament, got the first teir rewards.
Second tournament, got the second teir rewards.
This tournament, third teir rewards.

Stopped battling at this rank a few days ago. Aiming to be ranked next tournament.


Yeah, I didn’t battle during the last two days and my rank dropped only from 303 to 336, but the bottom line for top 500 increased from around 5020 to 5160. All jammed together below 5200. Towards the end of the tournament, the people who battle are mostly those who is just a bit off from their goal, so people above 5100 and those that are slightly under 5000 got matched together and you don’t get many trophies by beating someone who is over 100 below you.


Just under 5700 finished around 25thish. Wanted top 10. Maybe next time after a few team upgrades

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I was at the last place or so to get some type of incubator last time. This time…not last place. Barely in the marshes.