Your post has been temporarily hidden


Hi there!

As an active member of the community i try to help out wherever possible. Unfortunately im lately being obstructed various times, even multiple times per hour by the vague “your post has been hidden” explanation.

If i look further into the mail someone will review my post ; the reason for hiding my post? Apparently due to “frequent posting”. Im trying to help people, explaining situations thoroughly but this is getting slightly on my nerves. This is not the worst part: the hidden post bumps the post, while my post is hidden. After X time it will apear but nobody sees it properly because the post isn’t bumped anymore. Im not even sure if the writer gets a notification? Why would i want to help if minutes later someone else can post the same message without restrictions, simply because my post is being hidden?

I understand regulations are needed. Once the community had 2000 downloads i started interacting with the forum and it didn’t matter that much it got reviewed fast. Now im not seeing my posts for even up to an hour, probably because loads of posts are being hidden and need to be ‘reviewed’. This is probably one of, if not the worst experiences on any forum i’ve been on. Im always trying to help but you seriously have to look into this mods, devs. Im not even sure based on which restrictions my posts are being hidden regularily. Links? Too much text? At least allow certain forum ranks to post more times to avoid being spammed by low rank members with wrong intentions (unknown links and such). Anyone sharing the same experience? I would be glad if, for once, this post wouldn’t be hidden… If it actually is well good luck im sure some mod read it lol.

Its happening again… Ugh.


Sorry for thread necro but I feel you totally. I’m an active gamer, been to many gaming community and forum where I try to engage the player base and help newcomers figure their way out. First time I’m actually stopped from actively helping. Only reason is they think I post too often. Kind of going against reason stopping positive interactions?


Commenting for awareness, if that does any good. Makes sense if it automatically hides your post because the system thinks you’re “spamming”. Definitely agree with you on the forum rank idea though.


Yeah just had the same on mine again. I don’t create many topics either. Probably admins paranoid we’ll post something damaging.