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So I know not everyone or little people play in the arena to compete (not to get a higher rank/trophy count) but what’s the highest you ever gotten, it can be from seasons past or this season, but what is the highest rank/trophy count you have gotten. Just curious to see were everyone stands. Also if your a newer player on the rise, were are you at right now?

Just reached here today soon I will be out of hell and going to hell no 2🤦Screenshot_20210421_105304

6496 on 4 May 2020
Done with 5-8 battles a day.
Not sure what trophy system it was, but it was before 30/30.
This season? 5980 and holding.
I’ll attempt to enter Shores on 26 April.

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Highest was close to 6k; never quite made it to shores.

Nowadays? I’m pretty hard stuck in aviary.

7000 yesterday…but likely going to drop back down to Gyro. I just don’t find fun or satisfaction in beating up on teams not competitive for Top 50. I also just do PvP for incubators so don’t have time for vanity Trophy spamming like the Top 15-20 are doing right now.


5110, pretty nice compared to 2 months ago, where I think it was 4900

5999 :sob: and now i am stuck at 12/13 at achievements. Long time ago

now i am at 5160. Aviary here i come with Full 30 lvl Strike team(not meta).
And i am not coming intentionally.I am being pushed down by full meta boosted teams.

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My current Rank

5180 as a high.
usually between 5090- 5150

Here’s were I stand. Highest I ever got is what you see on screen 5127.

5334, i droped to aviary and play with my tournament team because library isnt fun, at least on aviary i get easy and less frustating match excpt monolometrodon.

at the moment it’s going wellScreenshot_20210421_182130_com.ludia.jw2

I don’t think I’ll get out of aviary for a long time yet

Yes true

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The same as you, but in 2 weeks, I will be getting an apex.
but I hate the matchmaking in Aviary. Example:
Screenshot_20210216-020136_JW Alive

So yeah good times lol.

Yeah, had to fight a 27 hadros, 27 mitten and 26 cera today (all in separate battles) at 4800 trophies. I just closed the game down as soon as they were used.

Lol, that sucks. BTW how do you like this cute gif

6300 a few seasons ago, I stopped climbing at 5969 (I believe) last season. It’s both harder to reach shores and less worth your efforts than before.

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Meh Im at a measly 3515.

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My all time high is 5760, got it last november.