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Your strongest aquatic creature

What is your favourite aquatic creature? Mine is baculites level 10 because I’m new to this game


Styxosaurus (level 10) which was supposed to be dethroned by the level 20 Dunkleosteus… But sadly, the game ain’t letting me in since two days.

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Mine is a lvl 7 VIP henodius 1100+ health

Yours are powerful

Oh now that I think of it, actually I have a Tylosaurus but I won’t hatch him because my Aquatic Lineup isn’t very powerful and if I put him in, he’d be too powerful and I may have to use him in every battle since the AI sets the opponent ferocity based on your top 3, and as of now my top 3 ferocity is not very different from the 5th, 6th and 7th… again, I don’t remember full well because Ludia doesn’t want me to play their game anymore.

Why Ludia don’t let you play Jurassic world the game?

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I really don’t know, at first I had to uninstall my game due to insufficient storage for my online school project. When I reinstalled (on tab), it was working fine, but after a day, it wasn’t loading on my tab (server error message). So I put it on my phone.
Same thing, on the phone, for a day or two, it worked. Then it no longer worked on either, no matter how many times I reinstalled and uninstalled. I wrote to their email ID along with my support key, but they haven’t ever replied within less than 3 or 4 days to me, so it basically means half a week without the only thing that I do every day…

I think Ludia got a hacker

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Hatch a tylosaur its worth it… i also hatched a henodus with all other creatures below 200 health and the battles are as easy as before

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I don’t know… I spent the whole day on YouTube today and man, was I used to daily JWTG. Yesterday I had to miss 2 golden rewards events because of this issue. Also the hatching of my two T-Rexes which would lead me to the level 40 Rex (my level 40 raptor is ready… and the rest of the story is epic!) is delayed, and I didn’t get my boss statue. Last time I didn’t get a Behemoth statue, and Salamander 16 was the first boss where I finished about 80 missions, but the Salamander Statue didn’t hit the quota. Will I be able to still get the statue if and when the game is responsive again?

I already collected the omega 09 T-Rex statue.

I’ll be very upset if I miss it, which I think I will. :frowning:
Will it wait for me, or does it disappear after a while?

I wish you to claim the statues

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Hey whats your strongest top 8 land dinos??
Screenshot please…

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Thank you, buddy @Chin_Yean_Yee :smiley:
And yea @Trex_chaser, I don’t have an ss but I can tell you…

  1. Level 10 Eolambia
  2. Level 10 Eudimorphodon
  3. Level 30 Tyrannosaurus
  4. Level 40 Postosuchus
  5. Level 40 Velociraptor
  6. Level 30 Labyrinthosaurus
  7. Level 30 Alangasaurus
    That’s all I remember…

Welcome @JF2005

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How many solid gold pack do you opened??

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If you didn’t claim the statues tell me in the forums I will not claim too @Jurassic_Fury

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@Trex_chaser about 4… and @Dilophoboa_Titanoboa somehow I could login but it’s taking very long to load…hope I get the statue!

It was completed today morning.

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