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Your suggestion so that JWA is on a better path

post your suggestions here to improve JWA.
Here are a few of mines.

1: -Speedtie issue in tournament and even in ladder

the speedtie will turn to rock,paper,scissor when they occur.
if you win at the game, you automatically gain the advantage.
In the event of a tie, we start over.
At the end of two ties, a winner chosen at random will strike first.

2-The IA fight after 3 loss:

after 3 defeats so that the arena will stop being boring, there will be 1 free AI combat token.
You can accumulate up to 3 AI combat rolls.

3-reduce the chrono of opponent timeout from 1 min to 25seconds

We all have a life,you know.

4-An option will be created after suffering 2 losses against the same opponent in a row if he made a 3-0 on you in a tournament.
On activation, a 1 hour timer will prevent you from facing the same opponent again.
If you deactivate it, you will be able to face it again.

5-The speed boost issue

Speedboost will now give you a % of your base speed instead of +2.
Health and damage dont give you a +100dmg whatever happen,so why speed boost are not in this configuration

6-The chat in raid lobby

This one is obvious,we just need it and we should be aswell able to communicate when battling together.

7-The ability to see the stats of our members in a raid lobby. and the possibility to reduce the number of speed boosts on our creature.

When you face a raid boss,there is nothing more annoying than having your too much speed boosted creature faster than your friend .
Example:Player 1 have 119 speed thor
Player 2 have 121 speed maxima:
With this option,you can reduce in the lobby,the speed of maxima to 117 so thor can shatter the shield so maxima can use his full damage on decelerating rampage.

8-Treasure chase return to 25000

This thing had perfectly work for a long time and is now completly bugged.
we have been waiting for months for this to be fixed

9-the rarity of a creature no longer affects who acts first

I don’t see why a 108 lvl 30 legendary have to be slower than a 108 lvl 30 unique .This have to stop.

10-from ElEduardo
balance the epics hybrids:buff half of them (Scaphotator/majundaboa/spinotahraptor/megalogaia/armagocephalus/nodopatotitan)

11- Isaah_Wii

-Add more pure fierce creatures and buff the existing ones,resilients are too strong curently and some resilient even beat pure fierce which is nonsense.

If you guys have more to say,you are welcome


i like 99% of what you have here. my only issue is with speed boosts. weren’t they percentage based at one point before being changed? I could be wrong. Those who were playing in the early days of boosts, care to enlighten?

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No, it was never percentage based. It always has been +2 to speed

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you are correct about speed boosts not being percentage based. but they haven’t always been +2.
image (from 1.7 release notes)


Give Gigaspikasaur a unique hybrid

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It can’t get a hybrid. It’s a superhybrid

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I think that means how much it costs. I watched a beaver video once.

Like @ElEduardo said in the Nerf sarcorixis please! forum

You shoudl buff creatures so every player is happy an donly nerf if they are like way op. It’s ok to be op, just not godly. Think of it as tryko is fine now but 2.0 was too godly with decel counter.

thank you.
I think of things this way in order to stop destroying the balance of the game (which can be observed during tournaments: if we look closely with a few exceptions, everything has a speed that influences against the creature supposed to counter us.

Sadly,this is impossible except if we go further of a superhybrid :a super-superhybrid

I copy paste this idea,because half of the hybrids are bad and the others are average-good

Yeah, i don’t mind a percentage based speed increase or even a +1 instead of the +2 we have now. Just don’t go back to the original gains of speed boosts. I’ve heard of the horrors that did.

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yes,i agree
I made a topic about how i would solve it:

I think speed boosts should just be +1 problem solved

Im good with a +1 aswell.
I will no longer see 142 speed T-rex or 150 speed sarcorixis.
122 max for t-rex and 136 max for sarco,im good with it.

I like what you have there, i’ll just add this:
-Add more pure fierce creatures and buff the existing ones

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Pfft :0

PTSD of 200 speed boost thors

I agree,somehow,they should deliver more damage to every resilient creatures .
I quote it in my topic but rare and epic hybrids need pure fierces.

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I thought of what I like to cool dollar system of sorts in other words the boost only increase .25% speed so it take 4 to get 1 point in speed

It was in the
The rework of what 2.0 should have been: Pt2

I agree with all except 1 and 9, the ones regarding speedties.

While I dislike the current system based on device/location/internet, the one thing I would hate more is if it was based on RNG. (Yes even rock/paper/scissors is technically rng, since you don’t know what the right option is, it’s random guessing). If only there was some sort of option that wasn’t based on any uncontrollable aspect. At least when I know I’m slow at speedties, I can use that to plan my strategy and try to play around that.

And for 9, I see no reason as to why equal level uniques shouldn’t be faster than legendaries. They are more advanced hybrids and stronger creatures, plus it reduces the amount of the dreaded speed ties.