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Your super hybrids

What super hybrid would you like to see in this game or wait s DNA do you want maybe indom s DNA I would really want megalosuchus or erilodomolinus or aquatic Super hybrid
Or cenozoic

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Indoraptor Gen 2

I would really appreciate to see a heavy hitting amphibian super hybrid. I like the Diplosuchus, but it is not that strong. I would want that the Koolasaurus (legendary hybrid) gets SDNA to become a super hybrid.


Megalosuchus could be one,Megalosaurus and Gorgosuchus,also that I wish that they would bring in Postimetrodon,but both already have a hybrid.

I also really want carnolophoraptor or indomolopho rex

Tyrannolophosaurus exists in JWA. Dimetrominus Rex would be nice though. I like Dimetrodons design in JWA more,cause I like the orange Sail over the JW:TG one.

I would love Purutaurus in this game. A really versatile epic.

I like carnolophoraptor

Carnolophoraptor seems nice,Dilornoraptor would seem nicer in my opinion

Siornithosaurus would be a nice addition.

Yes siornithosaurus would be a nice addition🦕

Ostaposuchus. Ostaposaurus+Postosuchus DNA. A good amphibian glass cannon for the first time.

Is it OK if we discuss the glitches on the jurassic world group chat the giga stuff

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