Your team composition and why!

I would like to have members of the community post their current team members and list their rating and reasons behind their dinosaur choices.

I will start with mine:

My reasons for the below changes are

  1. Team was lacking speed
  2. Team was lacking nullify or the ability to hit through dodging mechanics
  3. Several dinosaurs I was only using due to being META relative, such as Rat.
  4. Wanted to add cool looking dinosaurs like Nodopatotitan
  5. Needed a way to tank massive hits like from Erlidom, this is where Noodle comes in
  6. Needed a way to counter speedster dinosaurs like Utahsino and Green Murder Chicken.
    Noodle has 3 slows including a priority slow + shield in the form of bellow!

Recent changes -
Removed: Indoraptor
Added: Spinotahsuchus

  1. Due to being level 27 Indo was much higher than my team average and thus causing me to get opponents much more difficult than I could handle.
  2. Evasive fails more times than it works.
  3. Spinotahsuchus is super easy for me to level as I have a large stockpile of DNA and easy access to more due to hunting mostly at night in Kym L4

Removed: Rat
Added: FishFrog (her name is Lizette -pronounced ‘Lizard’ for the pun.

  1. Don’t like the looks of rat, it’s constant getting one shot and it’s stealing wins that I, in all fairness, should have lost.
  2. Cannot get enough access to Draco DNA to actually level it.
  3. Very likely to either get a hybrid or nerf in the future for obvious reasons.
  4. FishFrog is my new Noodle 2.0 project!

Removed: Tenorex
Added: Procera

  1. Easy to level
  2. Powerful and a great moveset
  3. Hilarious model, animation and sounds
  4. Yoshi

Removed: Alankylo
Added: Dilo

  1. Hits much harder
  2. Distraction attack and stun as well as hit and run
  3. Looks great

Removed: Marsupial Lion
Added: Noodle the Nodopatotitan

  1. Noodle can survive massive cloak boosted attacks even with her shield down, something non of my other team members can do outside of dodge or Invincibility.
  2. Love Brachiosaurus model
  3. Lion was too easily countered

Benefit of all the above changes

  1. Get to use some dinosaurs I like rather than what I don’t like.
  2. More speed in the team
  3. More ways to nullify or hit through evasive and cloak

Well that’s it for now, some pretty drastic changes but for the best IMO.
Would love to see everyone else’s team and why they use it!

Thanks, Stephen!


Dilorach- speed and power, but the only creature on my team that isn’t guaranteed to stay
Indo- just a solid creature, all around
Tryko- destruction
Rinex- it used to be for that Distracting Rampage, but I never stopped loving him after he lost it
Meg- still my favorite in the game. Looks and usage. :revolving_hearts:
Monostego- I championed this creature even before the changes were made… when everyone used to trash talk him, cause he was never as bad as anyone said.
Tryo- often my MVP. Power and immunity.
Magna- immune destruction


Very impressive team, I love it! Shows the dedication you put into it, and I’m betting a high rating to go alone with it.

Only difference I’d make is probably Erlidom in place of Meg but that’s only coz I love Erlidom and not so much Meg.
Also given it’s only 26 I can see why it would hold back your team in terms of average level.

Eh, my rank was pretty decent before the matchmaking debacle. Used to hover between 100-200 on the LB.
Kinda tanked it when I experimented with a L22 team, which lasted almost a month. Now I’m working my way back up, at 4668 trophies.
Erlidom may take Dilorach’s spot one day… but Meg isn’t going anywhere. Ever. :relieved:


Thor - Rat killer; need to counter high level tryko/diojora

Trago - Eril counter; swap-in stun taker

Indo - Might come off team; lose to many battles due to cloak RNG

Utah - Team MvP and boosted more than any other Dino. Can take on almost any Dino at high level

Procera - very underrated Dino; magna/spiro killer. Decoy to make opponent play Draco early to kill off; rarely use its evasive move

Eril - speed boosted to take on higher arena level magnas (speed boosted); rat killer; cloak never works

Tryko - Dino killer but Thor lunch

Draco - Hate em but that’s the game now. Will likely replace with Dilo if/when I can level to 25+

I float between 5200-5400 trophies last few weeks…


Erlidominus - to kill Dracoceratops
Suchotator - to bleed Trykos and Dios
Diloracheirus - because it’s awesome and often forces opponents to send Dracoceratops early
Utasinoraptor - to kill Dracoceratops
Stegodeus - to tank hits and weaken opponents for my next creature
Gorgosuchus - for devastating revenge kills
Dracoceratops - to kill Dracoceratops
Indoraptor - to pray for evasion when nothing else works


For the DNA that can be poured on multiple good unique, I prefer to prioritize a route.

  • T-REX => Indo > Tryko > Erlidom
  • Anky => Dioraja > Tryko (due to above condition)
  • Sino => Rinex > Thor

My choices:

  • Indoraptor - the first and only staple unique
  • Utarinex - I prefer flexible (free swap) than more damage on Utasinoraptor
  • Spinotasuchus - the rat terminator, she can force a kill trade or a draw game
  • Diorajasaur - a surprise kiss of Godzilla (I don’t prefer the rat for that job)
  • Diloracheirus - a glass cannon revenge killer.
  • Tryko - a tank that can chomp
  • Tenontorex - Thor alternative/ secondary rat terminator with distraction and cleansing
  • Monostegotops - an underrated legendary, she can deliver a stream of impact moves.

I’m floating around 5100.


-Dilorach: had ourano in l2 until this patch, got plenty when was global. One of my favourite, self explained
-Tryko: top 3 dino in the game looking at stat and moveset
-Rinex: went for rinex route because i went Tenonto instead of Thor, had to do something with all the Sino that they guve us😂. Thor counter
-Stegocera: probably my favourite dino in the game, a powerhouse until this boost fiasco (magna and immune dinos everywhere now, stuns not so effective anymore). Used to be also a Thor counter, now you have to speed boost it to be it again (mine is still not :sweat_smile:)
-Erlidom: shines because of the meta, top tier dino, draco killer and probably the only reliable counter to magna at the moment. Ah, and i really like chickens
-Tenonto: my favourite dino with stegocera (atm), went for Tenonto instead of Thor because i like her moveset (and the look) more. Mind game dino, but if well played can make the difference. Sad that it doesn’t have some stun ability from her tenonto parent.
-Indoraptor: never been a fan of, but with all the t rex dna present in the game indo is the first unique i unlocked.
-Dracocera: not a fan also of the rat, but it can resolve you any match, very good team player.
With 1.7 i played a heavy swap-in team for some weeks and i fell in Ruins. Now at 4500 trophies.
My changes would be: edmontoguana for stegocera, erlikospyx for utarinex and grypo (or dioraja) for indoraptor. But at the moment fell in a sort of apathy and playing only events and for daily incubator😔


Loving the teams showing in this thread!

Also agree about Christmas Chicken being underrated, it’s like better Monomimus!
I prefer Monomimus skin though!

Would love if it had swap in dodge instead of null but a dino can’t have everything!

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I’m seriously thinking of ditching indoraptor however it’s my highest Dino at 25 :weary:

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Erli - takes rats for lunch, last option RNG Thor killer, fast finisher

Thor - oneshot party (when crit works), rat & Tryko killer

Monostego - great allrounder, backup Erli killer

Magna - Thor exterminartor, rat bait, Procerathomimus counter

Purutaurus - counter high hp dinos, suprise killer, only open spot to be replaced with some other dino.

Dioraja - Indo, Erli exterminator, suprise killer of hit & runners.

Rinex - Thor, Spinota counter, great allrounder

Tryko - Erli counter, great against all dinos except Thor

Tryko is going lvl up soon, then I’ll lvl up Dio. Dilorach is to glassy to be on team (not enough hp boosts). Indo is too much RNG dino, with all counter attackers around is also heavily countered. Tryo & Gorgo are niche dinos. Tryo also can’t get higher currently as all Dimetro goes for Magna. Don’t use rat, cause I don’t like playing with 3 dinos to 4.


Updated the image of my team as I just leveled Yoshi to 21.

Thor lvl 26: good vs tanks, DC, tryko
Indo lvl 26: Allrounder, last hope
Tryko lvl 24: don’t like him that much, but I have nothing better atm
Utasino lvl 26: very versatile, lots of damage
Erlidom lvl 26: mvp! Kills everything besides tryko
Monostegotops lvl 25: nullifyer, slow, stun, good damage - what else u need?
DC lvl 25: well, good damage
Stegodeus lvl 29: good tank, even good vs Thor cuz of high HP high damage and slow



I have tried to design my team around countering the stupid boosted Thor meta.

DC: Does what it says on the tin. I prefer if possible to use with run moves making it more effective and “cheap”
Trago: Bit of a soft spot for it. Good counter for Erlidom and Indom.
Suchotator: Thor counter #1 high health, bleed, distract
Erlidom: Kills just about everything. Run into DC
Rinex: Thor counter #2 with distraction, Run into DC achieves around 6k damage
I-raptor: My only chomper. Overall nice moveset
Purutaurus: Rend is great. Works well with run moves too. Decent i-raptor counter

The last spot is just filler at the moment and is fluid. Normally become cannon fodder for big hits. Hope to fill with tryko or dilorach


Dracoceratops - to be able to deal damage to boosted Thors.
Dracorex Gen 2 - to be able to deal damage to boosted Thors.
Erlidom - to pray for 2 dodges, after which you can maybe deal damage to boosted Thors, if they don’t swap to sacrifice another dino.
Indoraptor - to pray for dodges, after which you can maybe deal damage to boosted Thors.
Stegod - can sometimes survive 1 hit of a boosted Thor and slow him.
Rinex - if set up, can deal a whole 1884 damage to a boosted Thor with IC before dying.
Tryko - guaranteed to deal almost 1k counter damage to boosted Thors.
Tenontorex - doesn’t really have a purpose on my team, but you gotta put something in that 8th slot…


Tryko- For dealing with Erli, and tanking damage while dealing some with its counter attack.

Para- Starter, does well against tanks, Rinex, Draco, and Erli. Heal and swap is useful also. She tends to draw out Draco for my other dinos to crush.

Tuo- Literally Fodder and for slowing down the 135+ Thors for the rest of my team. Does a good job at wasting away a IC. Will be the first to be changed out.

Magna- Cloak? What cloak? You don’t have a cloak… Also for weakening Tryko and Thor.

Indo- Good for cleansing, DSR and cloaking when it works.

Thor- Good at destroying Tryko, Draco, and other Thors that have been slowed down by Tuo.

Tany- Oh, you have an Erli or Indo? Hehe, no you don’t.

Puru- Surprise counter attack! Also good at dealing some damage through cloaks. And beats any bleeders I counter.

Anky, Stegod, and Edmontoguan


@Ringelnet solid team. one thing though: if you don’t like tryko, you probably haven’t been using her properly… lol even lower than team lvl, she always holds her own and at the very least annoys the opponent while managing some counter attacks.

My advice is for you to figure out how to battle with her and I guarantee you’ll fall in love :grin::rofl:

Saying this with the nicest intention, please don’t think otherwise :slight_smile:

Erli:Good against magna,135+ thor,draco and of course because immunity

Thor : Punisher of almost every creature of the game:the 120 speed is slow compared of the others thor but ,if the opponent thor is down,its a lood fest

Draco: Doing atm 3300 raw dmg,4300hp,120 speed,He don’t really have troubles.
Love using it to end thor

Stegodeus: Good opener,slower,shield against utarinex,erli or dilo

Charlie: Faster than almost every others creatures (having bad time against procera),bounce deal 4300 dmg,crit do more…

Tryko:Because you can’t play wihout it

Edmontoguanodon: For the swap in stun combo with sucho bleeding,regeneration and swap work perfectly with draco combo
Atm 7400hp,1500dmg,123 speed:
a pure zombie

Suchotator: 6300HP,1450dmg,120 speed. truly powerful.


I don’t like Trykosaurus as well, simply because it’s no risk high reward.

Because it is way overpowered, I don’t feel my tactical input matters in the slightest, because even played with like a brick it is guaranteed to take 1/2HP+ of any dinosaur.

And I genuinely hate stalling kits. Same reason I don’t touch Diorajasaurus anymore. Instant Distraction + Instant Invincibility is mindboggingly boring to play.

Except Ankyntrosaurus, because it has a more in-depth kit (nullify and slowing).


@Raven I understand your thoughts and reasons, that is definitely one way of looking at it :grin: but then again, if we go down that road we can say similar things (mainly being overpowered) about a few others :rofl:

In regards to the no high risk reward… at this point I just want my incubators :joy: and its almost sure that the opponent will bring out their dracocera to kill something off so I guess being annoying with Tryko balances that out a little?

My conclusion from this is the same that tends to show up daily in the forums… the game is simply unbalanced right now :frowning:

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