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Your thoughts on the Epic tourney now

First of all let me say, thank stegod for the end of the stupid ProceRat! That alone automatically makes this tournament better. I’m still having a hard time getting used to some changes, but what I can say for now is

-IndoRex2 was so OP that even with a considerable nerf, it’s still a MVP in many matches.
-Sarcorixis is even stronger in this rarity now. Good luck facing it without IndoRex2.
-I love how powerful Lasmus is with two rampages without being too OP like a certain creature.
-Sad that Gorgo and Posti’s Ferocious ain’t that Ferocious anymore. It should still last another turn!
-Many players are still not used to the OPness of Resilient and are cloaking/evading against it.
-Edaphosaurus is basically a worse version of Secodonto. That +1 speed doesn’t help much.
-Rhino is freaking annoying with that 1500 SIA! Man, those devs love a swap in strike…
-Although the decel immunity is welcomed, I do miss Thyla’s stun immunity.

Enjoying it so far, despite some infuriating unlucky streaks, but that’s the game x)


What about speed ties??!!

Just kidding. I’m preferring this too. I actually got into the top 500 with my first five matches all being won - which is normally unheard of, but also before most start playing!

Will spend some more time over the weekend to try and get some more wins, but the new move sets are definitely throwing some people off.

i’ve only got two battles under my belt at this time. but i should be able to give it a go after work. I forgot rhio lost Lethal wound.

Speedtie sucks and will always suck. Rixis versus Rixis for me is a lost battle for example, unless the opponent’s stun fails and mine doesn’t… But I tried to focus only on the creatures and moves for this topic x)

I’m in the “struggling to remember everything that’s changed” boat. Really hate that Indom2 is now partially immune to rend - whose idea was that?!

That being said, it is SO NICE to have an epic hybrid tournament without a certain green pest showing up.


It’s also hilarious that people are throwing fresh Procerats into gammas pounce


Hello little bird, why you are still in this tournament ??


I mean we all know the answer…

I like it better… managed to make it into top 50 somehow and no more Procerat! I just hate that Rhino now always showing up


And ya know, ThYla is OP now so I guess tournament ruined,

Also man can gamma hand indoms butt on silver platter.

Anyways it’s interesting not knowing everything… it feels new


Gamma can hand any Chomper its butt… Except Seco and Daffy.


No I’ve actually beaten daffy with gamma. Second think loses too but I haven’t checked

If you want order, DD, PP, S&R. Wins if it doesn’t Crit


It can win with the right moveset, but on the flipside, Gamma sees Rexy and goes “lulz :laughing:.”


Lol when someone say gl as they bring into Rexy b to you have gamma

Seriously tho I’m glad my fave epic got a buff


I think seco can lose since it can be distracted

You know what they say: Never bring a rex to a gam fight.


Woah. Okay, didn’t catch that!

Ya all dimes types even mono, magna, and the non hybrids can be distracted

Basically no chomper or thing that can break shields is immune to distraction…at the most it’s like 50% resistance to it

Makes sense. Rock Paper Scissors and all that.

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