Your Top 3 EPIC Dinosaurs


Hello everyone! Would love to hear what your top 3 epic dinasours are. And why? I’m always looking for a great team of Dinos, Epic are my favorite so far.
Postdemitrodon- his adrenaline surge works well and cleansing and dealing extra damage.
Stegoceratops- is a beast, love the chain stunning strikes. When the dino gets going, it’s hard to stop. Plus great against quick dinos like the raptors.
Amargocephalus- great armor, love the counter attacks
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Ok she’s not an epic, but a rare, but she is just too awesome not to mention so I’m gonna say… Einiasuchus

Also: Stegoceratops, Nodopatosaurus, Gorgosuchus and of course, Rexy! Blue would be great too, if she spawned in the wild.


Epic: Erlikosaurus and Monolophosaurus


Away from Epic…I love the look of the Carnotaurus…shame I cannot find any DNA to make her worth adding to the Team.


If only can be epoc i would say stegoceratops ofc, the old piroraptor and i like too the baryonix dunno why xd


Postimetrodon’s Ferocious strike, adrenaline surge, then Defense shattering impact is to underrated. While not a epic Majundasuchus Ferocious strike, Cleansing Impact can be also devastating. On top of that Majundasuchus has a good amount of utility moves.




Baryonyx as well but since everything has some sort of slowing/stunning move the ready to crush ends up obsolete.


I have found it hard to use the Baryonyx. I can never get the attack after Ready to crush


My Top 3 stonger epics
Gorgosuchus this guy is a beast
Koolasuchus love this litlle guy
My top 3 loved epics


I always liked the Rare version of the Erlikosaurus more than the Epic one :thinking:

  1. Gorgosuchus has been my og since the beginning along with the veloci. My first epic hybrid.

  2. Stegoceratops because she is a beast and can take a lot of sass in battle.

  3. Pyroraptor (before buff) not just because of its op movelist but the design of the dinosaur itself is just beautiful. Like cmon guys it can climb TREES… Had there be some pyroraptors in the Jurassic Park III, Eric would be an orphan.


Yeah the epic Erlikosaurus is kinda disappointing. You get far better utility out of the rare variety.


True story, that’s why I am so exited for Tryostronix! Today I even fought one.


In matters of aesthetics:

In matters of tactics:
Blue (actually in matters of aesthetics too ^^)
Stegoceratops (quite useful, but ugly in my opinion, Monostegotops looks better)


Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Followed by Stegoceratops and Postimetridon :slight_smile:


Only thing holding me back for upgradin is coin but slowly adding it up and spendin soon as I get it lol