Your top 5 DNA collected (with screenshots)


Here are my top five most stockpiled DNA so far, I would love to see yours too!

Number 1 is Allosaurus as there is a nest around my street so they are like a Pidgey for me lol (which is great coz Allosinosaurus is my opener in battle but lacking Sinoceratops DNA sadly)

Number 2 is one of the common pterosaurs added which I’m sure will get a hybrid in time.

Number 3 is Apatasaur.

Number 4 is Stegosaurus.

And finally number 5 is Triceratops gen 2.


I’ve only voluntarily stockpiled DNA from one dino - I do have a ton of stygG2 and Hatzegoptryx (25K+ each) but this is the only one I’ve tried to get…


Aww man I need Galli dna so badly, mine is only at level 13 I think -_-, would love to get DodgeBird but I’m wayyyy off lol.


Here’s my top 2.


monomimus? stegodeus?
i feel like gallimimus, apatosaurus and stegosaurus should never be stockpiled :thinking:

that being said. level 24 velociraptor with 50,000 extra probably my biggest.


Yeah sorry I should have reworded the title, I don’t mean so much that you are collecting the DNA on purpose, but rather the largest amount of DNA you HAVE collected. Ill fix the title now!


Don’t even want to level up

As a poor L3 lack sinocera DNA

I definitely want to upgrade myself, if I have enough coins

As a L3 hater

Plus, if some hybrid itself is not deserve to raise


Yeah I got the Mono Gen2 and Dimet Gen2 legendary the day it came out as I had TONS of both DNA stored up, and since its a member of my team now it works out ok. Plus they spawn like roaches in my area lol.

It WOULD be really high level if it wasn’t for the fact I’ve hit a coin wall big time now, there are 4 members of my battle team ready to level up, with heaps if DNA to get it even higher, but its so expensive -_-!


Having all the Galli DNA in the world is worthless if you can’t get a single Monolophosaurus DNA in over a month :confused:


Yep Alankylosaurus sent me broke big time. Now I’ve got a 70,000 Stegodeus flashing it’s evolve button at me just taunting me. It took me a long time to take the plunge and spend up but Alankylosaurus has been pretty great so far, it’s probably more fun than effective but still.


Give that dna to me i need feed the indoraptor xd
Mine are these

The fun thing is i never darted any nundasuchus since i never liked einasuchus or majundasuchus xd


Never darted it :point_down: :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Got so much :point_down: from Epic Scents :sweat::sweat::sweat:


You know as much as I loath seeing yellow on the map and seeing its Coolie I must admit that at lower levels he was my opener for ages.
Good health, shield breaker, damage AND speed nerf…I pretty much won 80% of fights if I opened with it :joy::crazy_face:


Here is my top-1 collected DNA. :smile:


How did you manage to get so much raptor DNA? I can’t even finish getting mine to level 20 (currently halfway threw 19, with Indom at 20 waiting for her) lol


Once you start collecting velociraptors, you can’t stop :smile:
And I have my indo 22 lvl :slight_smile:


My clever girl.:smiley:

She was lv26 about 2 months ago, my best member pre ver.1.3.
Still 26 now because I spent lots on Indo.:cry:
Recently I stop fusing Indo, and try to save some Trex for Tryko, so raptor DNA in stock grow up again.