Your top 5

Im curious to see peoples top 5 uniques that they would want to see get buffed.
My uncontested top 3 are tryko, magna, and erlidom. As for the other two id be very split with many dinos. For a bonus im crossing my fingers that monostego get the pleasure of being the sole legendary to be buffed.


Its tough to pick only 5 but I would go
1 Trykosaurus
2 Ardentismaxima
3 Diorajasaur
4 Magnapyritor
5 Diloracheirus

Erlidominus would be 6th but there are so many that they all about need the buff equally


Top five would be:

  1. Diorajasaur
  2. Erlidom
  3. Magna
  4. Pterovexus
  5. Tenontorex
    And a honorable mention to utarinex at 6th place
  1. Erlidominus
  2. Pterovexus
  3. Trykosaurus
  4. Ardentis Maxima
  5. Utahrinex
  1. Smilonemys
  2. Trykosaurus
  3. Geminititan
  4. Ardentismaxima
  5. Pterovexus

Honorable 6th place goes to Utarinex and 7th place goes to both Erlikospyx and Erlidominus


1: Magnapyritor - The design is absolutely gorgeous, but the creature is super boring moveset-wise, and I never got to use it back when it was good. A buff to give it a much more interesting strategy-based moveset with Magna’s glass cannon style could make for an interesting and viable asset.

2: Tenontorex - A creature I used to use but dropped due to underperformance, I love its design and really miss using it. Maybe giving it Superiority Strike along with Counter Power Heal and a buff to resistances could greatly improve its performance in midgame to lategame arenas.

3: Smilonemys - Yet another creature I used to use, its unnecessary nerf killed it, and even if brought to its original state, it would still underperform due to powercreep. With new abilities added such as Sly Rampage And Run, Instant Decelerating Precision, Alert Swap In Stun, and Remedy, there are many ways Smilonemys can be modernized to return it to the glory it once had.

4: Gigaspikasaur - If I were to have one legendary on my team, I’d choose Gigaspika. Unfortunately, the thing’s terrible. A resistance overhaul, large health buff, and complete move redo are definitely needed for this creature to become viable, but if done right would make an excellent resilient tank for arena and potentially tournaments.

5: Every bad Non-hybrid - I couldn’t really think of a 5th creature on the spot, and this would technically be at my #1, but I thought the singular creatures were meant to be given the most recognition here, so I just put this in 5th. I’ve talked about why so many non-hybrids need buffing before, so to keep it short, I want every non-hybrid buffed to where every single non-hybrid can not only be used effectively in earlygame teams, but in tournaments as well, maximizing the variety in these formats and allowing the player to pick and choose whichever dinosaur they like best and head into battle with good results.


Hmm, there’s a LOT of Uniques that deserve buffs. But my Top 5 would be:

  1. Trykosaurus - She was part of the game when it was first released, and used to be good until the current, OP meta came out. She just needs a few tweaks, so she could be seen again.

  2. Tenontorex - She’s one of my favorite creatures in the game. Tenny just feel out thanks to the Resilient Update. Her model is sick too. All she needs is a slight buff.

  3. Erlidominus - Just like Tryko, she was one of the first creatures in JWA. She used to be really good but got powercrept as well. She needs a few major changes to come back, and it would be great to see another Indominus hybrid get a buff. And hopefully, be a part of the meta.

  4. Diorajasaur - She really took a BIG hit when ScorpG3 was introduced. She can hold her ground against flocks now, but not much else. She would be great if she had resistances.

  5. Magnapyritor - Magnpyritor just got powercrept. She used to be so good, but now is Swap - In bait. An on escape move would be nice.

  1. Utarinex
  2. Diloracheirus
  3. Spinoconstrictor
  4. Diorajasaur
  5. Pterovexus


  1. Erlidom- I love earl and I used to have her as my mvp in aviary. However, quick and powerful powercreep forced her our of my team. Earl for sure needs much better hp and maybe a precise rampage, maybe even restricted group distraction so it has a way of handling flocks. I think group accelerate cunning strike would also be nice to see.

  2. Diloracheirus- I see no point in creating this chicken right now. It has almost no use in raids with a ton of better options around, and it stands no chance in pvp. Please make it a pvp dino rather than a raid one though

  3. Utarinex- Just a little push can give this one a place in the meta. It has high damage and crit chance, but it’s moveset is kind of stale. It also lacks good health and defense in a meta of refrenantems. So better resistences would also help.

  4. Trykosaurus- Very cool design and high potential. But with nerfs and powercreep it’s been rendered useless. It should receive an upgraded counter and much more resistances. It’s stupid that it only has a 50% resistance to vulnerability.

  5. Ardentismaxima- Once the king of pvp, it has fallen a long way due to nerfs and powercreep (noticing a pattern?). Skoonasaurus just outclasses maxima in every way, and even skoonasaurus is getting powercrept. Maxima needs better hp and its armor back, and please change its horrible taunting shattering rampage. That extra cooldown for a feature that is useless in pvp is dumb. It could also use distraction resistance.

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Uniques that i wish to get buff:
Ardentismaxima- She’s worst compared to other unique noodles… So I think she deserves a slight buff, maybe some armor and distraction resistance…

Trykosaurus- It’s my favorite theropod unique, but it has been powercept because of SRG3 and newly buffed thor… A small buff would be nice!

Diorajasaur- Same case as the Tryko…

Tenontorex- It used to be in top meta but because of that resilient update it got destroyed and now because of the thor buff it got hitten hard… Maybe give him access to deceleration…

Utarinex & Magnapyritor- They both literally both have no use after the thor buff… They lost the only creature that they used to counter… So both of them deserve a huge buff…

  1. Trykosaurus
    He definitely needs a decent buff since he gets absolutely destroyed by other fierce like thor. He also might need some group abilities to handle flocks better
  2. Erlidominus
  3. Diorajasaurus
    Nothing much on these two besides maybe adding some group damage
  4. Smilonemys
    Needs definitely a major change
  5. Either magnapyritor or rhinex
  1. Maxima
    Needs more damage, resistance to distrction, and group taunt shattering rampage
  2. Dio
    Better stats, group moves and distraction resistance, stun resistance, and vuln resistance
  3. Tryko
    Group resilient impact and decelerating counter
  4. Magna
    More health and updated abilities
  5. Utarinex
    Added feature to rampage (either speed decrease or vulnerability), more health, and strike changed to tough group cunning strike

We seem to have similar creature preferences for buffs. Hopefully ludia is on our same page as far as buffs go.

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