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Your Top Three Most Hated Monsters

I’m talking about the ones you dread to face in this game whether because you find them difficult or just annoying to deal with. I’ll go first but in reverse order:

  1. Gelatinous Cubes: They’re just boring. Massive, annoying, high armour, high hit point mobs that ALSO reduce my damn attack damage, which just makes them even MORE annoying as I sit and spam basic attacks because, oh yeah, they’re immune to status effects. Ugh. Snore.

  2. Rust Monsters: Eesh. I’d honestly rather face a horde of tedious gelatinous cubes than these things. They have high damage, high armour, and devastating status effects that reduce your armour and damage, not to mention that those effects last several turns. If I hear, “The smell of ruined steel…” I panic and go in the other direction.

  3. Wights: Oh. Em. Gee. Man these mobs are annoying. Poison on every shot? Yay! Self heal? Whee! 3 zone range? Oh my, so wonderful! Much fun! Or the even more annoying melee wights who steal your buffs WITH EVERY ATTACK! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! I have literally had to fight one, just one, for six rounds because it stole AC buffs, regen buffs, and resurrection buffs, all of which I needed in order to survive because it also stole damage buffs and had massive damage attacks. So. Gawddarn annoying.

So, what your top three bottom three?


There are drow in this game?

Wights because they steal your regen.
Slithering oozes or whatever they are called because they just soak up damage and can move the entire map in one go.
The water elemental things because they seem glitched or something as their invisibility seems to stay active even when there are no other enemies in range.

The demons are all pretty bad as well. They just seem unreasonably overpowered because most are several levels above the party and do two or three hit melee attacks.

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Beware AoE and barbed devils especially.

Drow? What drow? I have no idea what you’re talking about…

Rats, rats, and rats! :mouse2: :sob:

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I don’t find the wights as bad as I used to, because they’re pretty squishy if you can get the jump on them. Honestly, I really hate the cloakers. I can’t target them for nothing, and they can one-shot almost any party member other than Tommus.

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I had a scenario last night with cloakers and melee gnolls. The melee gnolls made it so I couldn’t heal Tommus and the cloaker’s tore him apart. Sigh.

Drow? Who said anything about drow? I’d love to see some drow

In Lightfinger Estate, Barbed devils are the worst. I just unlocked them in explore and the three attacks from the melee versions or the fireballs from the back row tear my team apart.

Portals, any of them. Maps with them just waste so much time.

In easy content, especially when I can one-shot with any of the 4 room clearing abilities, I hate zombies. I’ll take “the smell of ruined steel” or “more toes than strictly necessary” over rooms with undead sigils any day. My mantra is, “You know what I like about rust monsters? Rust monsters don’t get back up.”

  1. ichor of death (or something like that) - their attack plus the wound damage one-shots virtually all my toons plus they are immune to virtually everything. Only just discovered the other day though they can be dominated - for some reason I thought they were immune to that. That was a very nice discovery :slight_smile:

  2. demons in any form. The green ones that sit at 3 zones lobbing one-shot fireballs when I only have 2 zone range and your blocked from moving, the ones that one-shot you with melee because they get initiative, the ones that get retaliate that don’t even need it because I can’t get through them with a full round of attacks from my whole team and the red ones that fireball one-shots from 2 zones

  3. gelataneous cubes because they have no hope of hurting you yet you have to slog through them, waste of time, yet … can be deadly when Eg combined with stealthed whappers as your slogging away at the jelly while you get double whapped to death

Heh, yeah, the low-level rooms with 8-10 zombies are really annoying. No threat, just pure grind.

Especially when neither Wizard nor Ranger basic aoe proccs, one attack of either would clean the room, but noo, you have to kill every mob by itself, at least tommens (that’s the fighters name, right) aoe is reliable

The only monster I find annoying is those barbed Devils, because they can bypass my tank and kill my ranged heroes. When doing Lightfinger Estates, my Wizard has he Legendary weapon at lv2, so her AOE procs very often. When this happens to a group of Barbed Devils they all explode, likely killing her off lol.

In the early days, I feared Minotaurs, cause if they start first and are 1 row away, they would move up and aoe 1 shot entire parties lol. That was like pre lv12 days, but super annnnnoyyingggg.

In contrast I love rooms with stuff like gelatanous cubes. If at high room range, it gives u time to reset your heroes skills before the next boss match.

The only other annoying (yet fun) enemy is the random Rakshasa’s. They do a no heal move, but luckily my tank has 100% restore every turn. Prior to that, it would suck going into the next room after a Rakshasa maims your hero(es).

I love the design of the Rakshasha even if they can be a pain. A lot of the new monsters are pretty cool. The Dopplegangers are easy to kill but very cool design.

Don’t like anything that dominates your hero, especially the 2 turn ones. And the heal block from the Raskia is annoying. Those can screw you up for more than just the current board.

  1. Trolls - while I still had them in dungeons was a dice roll every time, because they could one shot all but one of my characters with their charge. I remember I restarted one explore dungeon 18 times because the first room had a close Troll and I tried to get my disarm characters to go before him.
  2. Water Weirds - Feels like a flawed design - either thei can’t hit you because you’re attacking from max range or they can and then they do insane amounts of damage.
  3. Illithid - One is fine, but when you have 2-4 all attacking your entire party first turn it’s a huge problem. Also, dominate which means the better your characters, the better chance for you do kill them yourself.