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Your Tournament Team And Why

There are probably a lot of these threads, but for this particular tournament, how are you holding up and what’s your squad? This is mine:


Not different from my arena team besides Indom Gen 2 and Suchotator replacing Indom and Thyla. What they do:

Indom G2: I have it there for a lot of reasons. For one, it can set up Erlidom or Indo G2 to get rammed by Mono, or take out a good chunk of Ardentis and Gemini health (which somehow I am fighting). Pretty underrated dino if you ask me.

Mono: I use it to cheap shot literally anything. But it’s not too bad at 1v1 either. It once set up a tryko pretty hard.

Mammotherium: My poor man’s mammolania. Takes care of Ardentis or Ardont with no effort, but struggles in matchups that mammolania or even entelomoth would win. Not bad, though.

Procerathomimus: What I consider the poor man’s magna or quetzorion, is not too shabby at what it does. Once took care of an entelomoth. I hate and love this thing.

Indoraptor: This thing is underrated as well. It’s taken on a tryko and a thor on its own, does not too shabbily against Ardentists and Geminis (if my evasive-cleansing impact trick works, that is for geminis). And when my procerat is out of the question, handles magna and erlidom.

Indo Gen 2: This thing! Keeps entelomoth in check, nearly killed an ardentismaxima, makes tryko looks like a joke, and basically everything thing thing always does.

Tryostronix: Basic revenge killer. And my answer to sarco and grypo. Once, I managed to get a super set-up because tryko (I’m typing this thing’s name way too much now) tried to pull an II. One shotted an indo gen 2, and I think would’ve one-shotted an Ardentis?

Suchotator: I have it to make sure indo gen 2 doesn’t cause much trouble, as well as lethal wounding some non-immune creatures I see running around. Thyla would’ve been more useful in a couple cases, but still not too bad.

So that’s my team. Sitting at rank 1400. It’s not happening, but if my alliance get’s 380k, I can unlock arentist. Otherwise, I’ll be 10 DNA off. Figures. Anyway, how are you holding with your own squad? What have they done? Leave it in the comments!

This is my squad

Spinoconstrictor: Bleeds and/or sets up a nasty revenge kill

Tryko cause Tryko

Indo2 for fast DSR and good survivabilty

Entelomoth because that DSR + PFS is too good

Erlidom for fast rampage

Indom2 for that cloak/MF

Phorus cause he’s my erlidom killer

Ardont because I’m poor


I feel like the only ones that need explanation are Porcus and Grypo. Porcus serves 3 purposes: take down indo g2, and almost kill gemini and ardent, leaving them within pho, indo g2 or Entelomoth setup range. Monostego is always there when rng is against me and an indo g2 is about to mf dsr me. Grypo is great against Erlidom which actually does well in the higher ranks and it’s another near gemini and ardent killer. I can also swap him in to kill a mf dsr indo g2. Porky and Grypo also make a great tag team against anything not immune

Entelomoth: best creature in the game
Gemini: sencond, but not far behind moth
Mammolania: when set up, it has a winning matchup against everything
Maxima: very solid. Really good at setting up mammolania
Indo gen 2: for entelomoth
Phorasaura: 2800 priority damage
Quetzorion: pretty decent. OK swap-in, and can deal with creatures like entelomoth pretty decently.
Magna: probably tied for the weakest with quetz on the team. However, it has the best shot at killing a set-up mammolania

same thing but with indom instead of mammotherium, monostego instead of stegocera, and ardontosaurus instead of suchotator.

It’s not going well

Take stigy off along with rhino. They’re the 2 worst uniques in the game. The only thing I would keep are grypo and maybe constrictor. Try something like indom gen 2 or erlidom

Spinoconstrictor is actually an amazing starter especially with the vulnerability that not a lot of creatures are immune to

Entelomoth, Gemini, Lania : Did I really need to explain why I’m using these guys ?

Orion : Could be useful sometimes with his SID and LI

Grypol : The combo counter shield and regen is pretty strong, no escape could be Deadly to some creatures like Nemys

Indo G2 : Cautious strike and Mutual Fury

Max : A good leader, could be useful to setting up Moth or Lania, sadly mine don’t know how to crit

Dio : His stop time save me so many times in this tourney

Entelomoth: most OP creature in the game
Gemini: absolute beast with the best 1v1 in the game
Lania: does ludicrous damage once set up
Pho: 2.8k T1 damage and can run and then rinse and repeat
Indo gen 2: reliable but not 100% counter to moth
Indom gen 2: heavily dents the 2 towers and has a 75% chance to beat moth
Maxima: basically a budget Gemini
Grypo: destroys the 2 towers which are everywhere and can halt a lania.

Spinoconstrictor has proven to be surprisingly effective against IndoGen 2 and gets in a decent amount of damage against everything but Geminititan with reliable dodging.

Magnapyritor is still decent overall and only gets destroyed if it’s outsped.

Yoshi because it’s still a utter monster.

Grypo because it can do quite a lot of damage against everything and can throw off swap in strategies.

Indo Gen 2 and Phorasaura for the little speed demons they can become with a damage output to match.

And Mammolania and Geminititan simply for being excellent tanks.

And so far, to my sincerely utter surprise, I’m doing incredibly well. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’ll stay that way.

Gemini, Tryko, Moth, Lania, Magna, Indo G2, Phorusaura, Tarkus.

I originally had Indom G2 instead of Tryko, but the RNG was infuriating and Tryko had better Swap-utility.

I also had Grypo instead of Tarkus, but it just didn’t work for me.

My squad does it’s job at tanking and dishing out damage

Idk how but Gigaspik can nearly 1v1 maxima and actually win

Im a new guy to the game And only currently Have legendarys I could unlock maxima i only need a Alliance with 500k Points and i unlocked maxima


It’s basically my Arena team, except Magnapyritor instead of Indoraptor G2 to see if I want to replace Indoraptor with Magnapyritor. Thylacotator is there because it’s actually quite good against a lot of things. The only things I REALLY hate to see with it are magnapyritor and Erlidominus. As long as I dodge the DI/DR on the Two Towers I’ll basically always do 75% damage on those, and I can bleed/RT almost everything else.

My Team in the tournament.

For fun.