Your Ugly Duckling

Have you guys kept a dino in your team just because you love it? Even though you’ve already got to a point where you know you should drop it, 'cause there are more powerful and useful options, but you just refuse to do it and try to make it work?

Mine is Postosuchus. Yes, I never went for Postimetrodon and Tryostronix - and I know I should - but I just love Postosuchus’ power right out of the gate! Helped me so much till where I am now!

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Will gonna raise this kid until lv30.
Wish they will give that atk buff Majunda deserve in ver.1.5 back.
(Over 150 atk! Not kidding!)


Postimetrodon would have to be mines, either her or Spinotahraptor. I know I should probably get both of their hybrids but Baryonyx and Kaprosuchus are pretty much non-existent for me. Postimetrodon (named her Aurora) is level 18 and Spinotahraptor (named him Tar) is level 17. I also want to throw my Monomimus back on my team (named her Ruby) but I don’t see a spot for her, sadly.

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Kept my Euoplo at level 18 in my squad until recently

Trex will always be on my team regardless of how crap they made him for end game if he wasn’t in the game I wouldn’t play it!!! hybrids are kinda fun but only cause real dinosaurs rock and trex is my fav most evolved giant predator ever and the games poor depiction of him won’t ever change that. Slowest Dino in the game even though they could run 27km an hour which is faster than a lot of the Dino’s which are faster than it in game


I kept a level 18 Deinocherus on my team well into Sorna Marshes (long before my feathery baby had a hybrid) because I just adored her. Unfortunately there’s not enough Ourano in the world for me to ever start on her hybrid, but I’m so proud of all she’s achieved.

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just started leveling again mine though still level 18.
I know is not as powerful as other but like this monster.

I used a Deinocheirus until Sorna Marshes too, but that had to stop… I hope one day I’ll have Diloracheirus and keep her legacy

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Tany- my absolute fav! Scraggly baby will move faster, jump higher, melt shields and BAM!

Suchotator…Its maybe the weakest of my deck but i love him :wink: