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Your Version of 2: Erlidominus Gen2 #5

Hello Everyone! :grin:

In this second season, you will give your versions of a creature (whether it should be added to the game or not) :wink:

If it should be added, as it should be (rarity, color, hybrids, status and others) :face_with_monocle:

Today’s creature is: Erlidominus Gen2 :hushed:

My Version: Erlidominus Gen2 {Legendary} :star_struck:


Minimal Speedup Strike (x1)
Precise Rampage (x2)
Mutual Fury (+50%)
Cloak (75%)

{Immunity} {100%}


(Genetic Makeup)=

•Indominus Gen 2 {Lvl 15}
•Erlikosaurus {Lvl 15}


If this creature were added to the game, what would it look like?Leave your version down here! :thinking:

  • Erlido G2 need be added to the game
  • Erlido G2 don’t need be added to the game

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Erlidom g2
(Indom g2 + erlik g2)

Minimal speedup strike
Debilitating distraction
Definite rampage

On escape evasive strike


3300 HP
1500 DMG
20 crit
0 armor
129 speed


Isn’t that very powerful???:sweat_smile:

Eh… just use quetzorion and geminititan…

We already have an Indominus and Indoraptor knock-off, we don’t need one for the real queen, Erlidominus.

Don’t need. Erlikogamma is basically G2 version

Erlidominus gen2 (Indom gen 2 + Erlikosaur)

Stats (26) :
HP : 3300
DMG : 1500
Speed : 129
Armor : 0%
Crit chance : 5%

Moves :
Cautious strike
Armor piercing rampage
Rampage and run

Passives :
On escape Rampage

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Pls no, there are far too many chickens in JWA right now. What we need is an unique stego, anky, frog or a ceratopsian

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If this becomes a thing then the devs have to come up with a new dino tier higher than tyrant. Your erlidom2 can take out dio, tryko and even maxima and gemini if they don’t guess well. All that with just 2 moves cloak and then definite rampage.
Ps:i love it :joy:

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I think if they were to actually do it. They would more likely use Erlikogamma as the component.

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