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Your Version of: Dracoceratops #1

Hello Everyone!:grin:

Today i decided to created a new type of topic where you say whether you agree with the data of a certain creature or disagree.:face_with_monocle:

If you disagree,you can tell how to improve or worsen this creature (either by changing life, damage,speed,armor,critical or abilities):sunglasses:

Today we will start with the most hated creature: Dracoceratops (aka DC/RAT):smiling_imp:

{Data of this creature}:

Dracoceratops {Legendary}:unamused:


Minimal Sppedup Strike
Acute Stun

(Swap in Rampage)

Dracoceratops {Legendary} (My version)::wink:


Vulnerability Superior (x1)
Impact (x1.5)
Rampage (x2)
Dig in (+50%)

(Swap in Minimal Stun) {x0.25}

And you?would you change this creature?and how would it change?:thinking:


SI Rampage becomes SI Stunning strike, Regen becomes Dig In. Attack and health buffed +200 to compensate. Gains 10% armor.


From a thread I made a while back, I’ve thought of three different changes i’d make to the Rat of Jurassic World, here they are :smiley:

Full Blown Attacker - This build capitalizes on Dracoceratops’ power, Stat changes I would make would be: Health: 3000 -> 2600, Speed: 109 -> 105, Damage: 1220 -> 1550, Armor: 0% -> 5%, Critical: 5%. Skill Changes: Minimal Speedup Strike -> Armor Piercing Strike, Rampage -> Instant Rampage, Acute Stun -> Defense Shattering Impact, Regeneration -> Mutual Fury, Swap-In Rampage -> Swap-In Ferocity, Gains Immunity to Distraction. This build focuses much on dealing all-out damage. It gives up it’s Swap-In Rampage for Swap-In Ferocity to boost it’s Instant Rampage which it gains. It loses much Speed and Life in return for more Damage. It loses the ability to stun, for the ability to break shields with Defense Shattering Impact and it loses Regeneration and instead gets Mutual Fury. The added 5% Armor helps its longevity.

Defensive Tank - This build for the rat would make it more defensive. Stat Changes I would make would be: Health: 3000 -> 4700, Speed: 109 -> 107, Damage: 1220 -> 1110, Armor: 0% -> 10%, Critical: 5%. Skill Changes: Minimal Speedup Strike -> Shielding Strike, Rampage -> Instant Invincibility, Acute Stun -> Adrenaline Pulse, Regeneration -> Regeneration, Swap-In Rampage -> Swap-In Invincibility. Gains Immunity to Damage Over Time. Gains Greater Rending Counter. The added bulk on it allows Dracoceratops to stay on the field, chipping away at it’s enemies with its counter. Having two shielding skills and a swap-in shield and having two healing skills ensures that taking it down will be tough. The added 10% Armor helps it out as well.

Mixed Attacker/Off-Tank - This build gives Dracoceratops the best of both worlds, Stat Changes I would make would be: Health: 3000 -> 3220, Speed: 109 - 109, Damage: 1220 - 1240, Armor: 0% - 0%, Critical: 5%. Skill Changes: Minimal Speedup Strike -> Defense Shattering Strike, Rampage -> Instant Rampage, Regeneration -> Regenerate and Run, Acute Stun -> Dig-In. Swap-in Rampage -> Swap-In Ferocity, Gains Immunity to Damage Over Time. This build gives Dracoceratops both attacking power and longevity. The newly gained Swap-In Ferocity pairs well with its newly gained Instant Rampage, and if it gets low on health it can Regenerate and run away.


Why are you so obsessed with RAT? :unamused:


Just turn Swap in Rampage into Swap in 2x damage on itself. Problem solved




HP: 4600
Attack: 950
Crit Chance: 5%
Armor: 10%
Speed: 112


Decelerating Strike
Dig In
Rampage and Run
Stunning Impact

Swap in Stunning Strike


I’ve said before
Hp 3300
Dmg 1300
Speed 118

Decel strike
Acute stun
Dig in
Greater stunning rampage
SI Headbut


A great idea!!!:rofl:

I really liked this idea!!!


Not bad ! :grinning:

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All this?:hushed:

I agree with this!!!

OT: Best answer ever. Made my day. My stomach still hurts from laughing.

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Get rid of swap in x2.

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Dracoceratops is one of my favorite and most powerful Dino’s which is probably shy people hate it. I love it.

HP: 3750
Damage: 1300
Armor: 15%
Critical: 5%
Speed: 117

Decelerating strike
Greater stunning Impact
Dig in

Swap in stunning strike

Unique Idea with this version:
Allo gen2+DC

HP: 4200
Damage: 1400
Armor: 10%
Critical: 20%
Speed: 109

Decelerating strike
Definitive impact
Greater stunning Rampage
Dig in

Swap in stunning strike

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My version of Dracoceratops:

Hp: 3000
Dmg: 1200
Speed: 108
Armor: 0%
Critical: 5%

-Decelerating Strike
-Greater Stunning Strike

Swap In Strike

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Wow you all are still obsessed with Dracoceratops. It is quite sad and comical

It’s really the cheap shot swap in attacks that are the problem. Nothing should do direct HP damage on swap in


Decel strike
Long protection
Swap in stunning strike

3500 hp
20 armor
1200 damage
5 crit
110 speed

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