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Your Version of: Dracoceratops #1

This is nothing,not always the opponent has more speed and little life wins!

HP 3500
Atk 1100
Spd 109
Armor 10%
Crit 5%

Shielded Decel Strike
Dig In
Impact and Run

Swap in Headbutt

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I hate this movement,it’s very strong…i liked!

either replace swap in rampage with swap in self destruction, or keep swap in rampage, but nerf it’s health so much to the point where even a level 1 completely unboosted dimorphodon can one-shot a level 30 tier 20 health dracoceRAT, so that like, no matter how much you level up your dracoceRAT, and no matter how much you boost it’s health, even a level 1 completely unboosted dimorphodon (currently the creature with the absolute lowest attack/damage in the game) will ALWAYS be able to one shot dracoceRAT, yes, even when distracted


now, alot of people will probably think this is too harsh of a nerf, but let’s be real here, dracoceRAT deserves it


I understand your point on health nerf, but his health is already low at this moment. But yeah when you face Draco 3 to 5 levels bigger then your team arevage level boosted to the sky in health and damage you cann’t see it, but the problem is boosts, not dracos health )

Maybe changing rarity of his components from common to rare helps with the situation a bit, but only for new players. And removing the boosts entirely. I think variety of the creatures should be question of balancing them, not boosting.

Now he cann’t stand a honest fight with almost every dino, but if his rat kit would be cut and abilities to battle would be improved he wouldn’t be a rat anymore :wink:

//And yeah, I forgot something important … Noone deserves fate of Monomimus nerf, no any single dino in entire game!


This right here

Honestly, my main Dracocera complaint is that you can’t strategise around it. If you and your opponent are tied 2-2, and you have a weakened creature with a powerful ability available (say, Erlidominus with Rampage, or Quetzorion with Nullifying Rampage) plus a full health creature in reserve, you really can’t strategise what to do.

Since you don’t know what creatures your opponent has, you can’t strategise on what to do. Maybe your opponent has given off some tell-tale cues with their move choices, but most of the time, when they have a Dracocera in reserve, you’re forced to guess on whether to swap out your weakened creature (and risk losing a game you might have otherwise won), or stay in (and risk a Swap-in Rampage).

There’s nothing strategic about guessing like this.

Not to mention, no other creature forces you into a Catch-22 like this. Even counter attackers are forced to take a hit before striking back (and thus might get KOed).

My solution to this is to let you see your opponent’s hand of creatures before the battle starts. This isn’t without precedent in other games - in the Pokémon main series games, they allowed you to see your opponent’s Pokémon team before the battle starts (aka Team Preview).

If this is implemented, Dracocera (and most of the other swap-in creatures) could probably do with a minor buff to compensate:

Dracoceratops, Strike Team Preview implemented

HP : 3000
Damage : 1300
Speed : 110
Armour : 0%
Critical : 5%

Decelerating Strike
Acute Stun
Dig In

Swap-in Stunning Impact (Deal 1.5× damage, gain 66% chance to stun opponent after swapping in. Cannot swap for 3 turns. Does not bypass armour.)

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Here are some ideas. Pick one or both

Mindless Swap in rampage. 2x damage to target and 0.2 Max HP damage to a random member of the Rat’s own team (it could even be itself)

Priority RenGen Support. The Rat’s 50% HP no long comes out of nowhere. It rats hp equally from all it’s teammates to restore it’s own.


It can be best nerf the rat deserve :rofl:

Dracoceratops {Legendary}


Minimal Speedup Strike/ Shielded Decelerating Strike
Last variant will suit him better, cause he will suffer a great problems with survivability
Acute Stun
Rampage and Run

(Swap in Regeneration)

Just reverse Regeneration and Rampage, and all can be happy. Rat is predictable as a piece of wood :wink:
But it’ll need to some buff to not become the piece of junk he is without rampage swap

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Add this to the next update without telling anyone

(Swap in Degeneration) Gives 50% of it’s own HP to opponent. Stacks on current HP even if at full HP

But i like the design of the sewer rat. It just needs reworked and given a super hybrid.

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{My Version of Dracoceratops 2.0}

Hello Everyone :grin:

Due to the changes RAT will have in Update 1.11, I updated my version :wink:


Decelerating Strike (x1)
Impact (x1.5)
Acute Stun (100%)
Adrenaline Pulse (+25%)

{Swap in Savagery} {–37,5% HP} or {–35% HP}

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Since he got updated, I might aswell do a fresher version of Dracoceratops too:

Hp: 3200
Dmg: 1530
Speed: 108
Armor: 10%
Critical: 5%

-Decelerating Strike
-Rending Strike
-Acute Stun

Swap In Stun

Now he’s more of an actual dino, instead of some unfair swap in sewer rat.

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What about swap in rampage but it recives 50% of the damage, and a regen without priority
Damage: 1350
Speed: 119
Armor: 15%
Speedup strike
Acute stune
Deliberate regen

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Kinda late to the Party, but:
Dracoceratops: My Take
Health: 3,420
Attack: 1,100
Speed: 110
Defense: 10%
Crit. Chance: 5%

  • Decelerating Strike
  • Rampage
  • Acute Stun
  • Dig In
  • Swap-in Stunning Strike
  • Immune to Deceleration
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I wished theyd stop nerfing her shes still amazing, heres mine.

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This is pretty scary! :sweat_smile: