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Your Version of: Dracoceratops #1

This is nothing,not always the opponent has more speed and little life wins!

HP 3500
Atk 1100
Spd 109
Armor 10%
Crit 5%

Shielded Decel Strike
Dig In
Impact and Run

Swap in Headbutt

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I hate this movement,it’s very strong…i liked!

either replace swap in rampage with swap in suicide, or keep swap in rampage, but nerf it’s health so much to the point where even a level 1 completely unboosted dimorphodon can one-shot a level 30 tier 20 health dracoceRAT, so that like, no matter how much you level up your dracoceRAT, and no matter how much you boost it’s health, even a level 1 completely unboosted dimorphodon (currently the creature with the absolute lowest attack/damage in the game) will ALWAYS be able to one shot dracoceRAT, yes, even when distracted


now, alot of people will probably think this is too harsh of a nerf, but let’s be real here, dracoceRAT deserves it


I understand your point on health nerf, but his health is already low at this moment. But yeah when you face Draco 3 to 5 levels bigger then your team arevage level boosted to the sky in health and damage you cann’t see it, but the problem is boosts, not dracos health )

Maybe changing rarity of his components from common to rare helps with the situation a bit, but only for new players. And removing the boosts entirely. I think variety of the creatures should be question of balancing them, not boosting.

Now he cann’t stand a honest fight with almost every dino, but if his rat kit would be cut and abilities to battle would be improved he wouldn’t be a rat anymore :wink:

//And yeah, I forgot something important … Noone deserves fate of Monomimus nerf, no any single dino in entire game!


This right here