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Your Version of: Erlidominus #15

Eh I don’t know wouldnt make sense it’s parents have either rampage or AP rampage

none of suchotators parents have nullifying moves or distracting or slowing moves, and none of ankylocodons parents have slowing/decelerating moves, and none of purrolyths parents have neither healing, ferocious, defense shattering or rending moves. so uh… what’s your point? what’s the big problem with erlidominus suddenly getting presice rampage out of nowhere just because none of it’s parents have presice moves?

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Sorry man just saying


Health 3100
Attack 1530
Speed 129

Minimal Speed Up Strike
Armor Piercing Rampage
Imact and Run

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Woah there sir we don’t want another Indo gen 2 on our hands

I…only added Armor Piercing to it’s Rampage, and .5× damage to it’s strike and run. The stat changed are minimal.

Well you kept cloak on something that has 129 speed and can speed up more and is immune sounds familiar?:joy:

And while yes you could probably put up a shield you can just go do rampage first then cloak then rampage again

Yup, and honestly I still think it’s under powered.

Preferably with more than 2 attacks. Like give it a swap in attack of some sort. Either that or stun move or make the rampage a bleeding move.

3000 Hp
1300 damage
129 speed
0 armor
5 crit

Minimal speedup strike
armor piercing rampage
Impact and run

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Erlidominus :clap: is :clap: fine :clap: the :clap: way :clap: she :clap: is :clap:

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It needs to be able to OHKO a Rat.

Yes​:clap:It​:clap:Should :clap:

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perhaps we could give it a new “rat mega rampage” or something… deals x4 damage (x8 when cloaked) against all creatures who are considered rats (dracoceRAT, proceRAToMEMEus, dracoRAT gen 2, and probably a few others that i forgot about) but normal x2 against all other creatures

aswell as give it immunity against swap in rampage

edit: this is a joke btw