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Your Version of: Erlikogamma #88

Hello Everyone! :grin:

Here you make your own version of a certain creature! :face_with_monocle:

You can tell how to improve or worsen this creature (either by changing life, damage,speed,armor,critical or abilities) :nerd_face:

Today’s Creature is: Erlikogamma :hushed:


{Data of this creature}:

Erlikogamma {Epic} :smiley:


Minimal Speedup Strike (x1) (+10% speed for 3 turns)

Precise Pounce (x2) (Bypass cloak and evasion) (Reduce target’s damage by 50% for 1 turn) [Cooldown: 1]

Debilitating Distraction (x1) (Target’s damage reduced by 75% for 2 turns) [Cooldown: 3]

Rampage and Run (x2) (Automatic Swap) [Cooldown: 1] [Delay: 1]

{Immune to Swap Prevention}

Erlikogamma {Epic} (My version) :star_struck:


Speedup Strike (x1) (+25% speed for 2 turns)

Precise Pounce (x2) (Bypass cloak and evasion) (Reduce target’s damage by 50% for 1 turn) [Cooldown: 1]

Debilitating Distraction (x1) (Target’s damage reduced by 75% for 2 turns) [Cooldown: 3]

Critical Impact (x1.5) (100% Critical Chance)[Cooldown: 2]

And you?would you change this creature?and how would it change? :thinking:


{Note: This topic was made to have fun and use your imagination. Probably not everything here is serious!}

  • Gamma need BUFF
  • Gamma need NERF
  • Gamma it’s FINE

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My Choice

Erlikogamma, beautiful colorful peacock! It’s amazing and I always use tournaments when I can!

Despite having 2 rampages and managing to reduce Creature Damage to zero, her Health doesn’t help much and sometimes she can die quickly…

Next Creature: Megalogaia

Thanks for voting and leaving your version!

3000 HP
1350 DMG
5 crit
0 armor
130 Speed

Minimal Speedup strike
Precise Pounce
Debilitating Distraction
Crit and Run
(deals 1.5x DMG, guaranteed crit this move and automatic swap. Cooldown 1 Delay 1)

Immune to Distraction

That way, we have another 100% Indo G2 counter :slightly_smiling_face:

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The more counters we have, the better! :wink:

3000 HP
1367 DMG
6 critical
2 armor
130 Speed

Minimal speed up strike
Precise Pounce
Debilitating distraction
Critical and run
(Deals 1.5x damage, guaranteed crit this move and automatic swap. Cooldown 1 Delay 1)

Immune to distraction

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I’m not a big fan of all the Immune to Distraction currently in the meta.

I think Speed-Up Strike is interesting though. Would put Erlikogamma in its own super-speedy niche.

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I already wrote minimal speedup strike

I think Erlikogamma needs a bit of a buff.
Overall, I think he/she is fine.

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A small increase in health would not be bad… :wink:

How about this:

3000 HP
1300 ATK
130 Speed

Maximal Speedup Strike {Technically this was in the code I think, thats why the current speed up strike is called minimal. New Move. Basic Attack. 50% Speedup for 2 turns (Maybe 3 turns like the minimal speed up?). In this way it negates any speed debuffs. Unless Diplodocus Swaps in with slow and goes for Decel Rampage}
Same moveset and Partial Immunity
Although I do love the Crit & Run @anon51787916 suggested.

While Immunity to Distraction would be nice, it comes out of nowhere so its illogical for Gamma to have it. Though I think that Debilitating Distraction should have another variant, Cleansing Debilitating Distraction (only cleanses distraction/decel) or the Pounce could also get another variant, All-In Pounce (only cleanses distraction/decel, 2x attack)


Needs a buff in health. I appreciate that she has 2 distraction moves, but in a game where Ludia insist on having so many immune dinos, it really isn’t enough. Not to mention things like Sarcorixis can still take a chunk of HP off even with DD.


Here’s my rework of Erlikogamma!

HP: 2800
ATK: 1400
SPD: 130
CRIT: 10%
AMR: 0%

  • Minimal Speedup Strike
  • Precise Pounce
  • Critical Impact
  • Debilitate and Run (1x damage. Distract 75% for 2 turns. Automatic Swap.) [Cooldown: 3]

Immune to Swap Prevention

If I were to change something about ErIikogamma without altering its moveset, I think buffing its attack somewhat may be beneficial, seeing as its attack stat is a bit low in comparison to other epic creatures with distraction (ex. Pyroraptor has 1350, Monolophosaurus has 1380, and Smilodon has 1400 attack). Else, Gamma could at least use a health buff since its HP is also pretty low when compared to other epic creatures’ HP.

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Really if gamma gains immune to distraction, it’s a true indo2 counter and not a broken one

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I liked the old moves but the new immunity is fine with me.

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Restoring speedup strike (cleanse decel, speed up 10% 3 turns )


25% speed boost is just too much. That instantly makes it have a speed of 162, 10 speed less than the highest speed for a velociraptor.