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Your Version of: Future? [Poll]

Hello everyone! :grin:

You probably know my series here on the Forum called “Your Version of” where you decide your version of a certain creature (changing sincerely or for fun). :smiley:

Recently a question arose in my head … What will I do when all the hybrids are used in the series? :thinking:

And I thought of some alternatives that could happen: :eyes:

  • Option Number 1
  • Option Number 2
  • Option Number 3

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About Option Number 1

One of the options would be to bring “dinosaurs” (not hybrids) to the series! (Maybe it would be a Third Season?)

About Option Number 2

The second option would be to redo the entire series (many creatures have been changed and many of them will likely change in the next update) and thus update frequently

About Option Number 3

Stop the series until new hybrids arrive in the game

Any suggestions will be welcome and thanks for voting!!! :star_struck:

I just want more dinosaurs and dinosaur hybrids.


More Versions to the … joy of the community =D … hmm

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Thank you very much! =D

Your series is really good and deserves a good portion of appreciation!

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Thank you, i’m glad to hear that! :wink:

Updating: It seems that option number 1 has won, thanks to everyone who voted. It will take effect after update 1.15! :smiley: