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Your Version of: Indoraptor #20

Hello Everyone!:grin:

Here you say whether you agree with the data of a certain creature or disagree.:face_with_monocle:

If you disagree,you can tell how to improve or worsen this creature (either by changing life, damage,speed,armor,critical or abilities):sunglasses:

Today’s Creature is: Indoraptor :hushed:

{Data of this creature}:

Indoraptor {Unique}:unamused:


Armor Piercing Strike (x1)
Cleansing Impact (x1.5)
Defense Shattering Rampage (x2)
Evasive Stance (75%)

{Immune to Distractions}
{Immune to Stuns}

Indoraptor {Unique} (My version)::wink:


Cautious Strike (x1)
Definite Impact (x1.5)
Pounce (x2)
Evasive Stance (75%)

{Immune to Distractions}
{Immune to Stuns}

{I love the way he is currently,but if he had to change,i would change the “Piercing Strike” for “Cautious Strike” and i think it would make sense of a “Pounce” to this creature}

And you?would you change this creature?and how would it change?:thinking:

My versions:

#1 Keeping him the same. I feel like he’s fine the way he is now, he isn’t overpowered or underpowered, he’s balanced.

#2 IndoRaptor stat changes: Health; 3900 -> 3950, Damage: 1420 -> 1450, Speed: 128 -> 128, Critical; 20% -> 20%, Armor: 0% -> 0%. Skill changes: APS -> DSS, CI -> CI, DSR -> Define Rampage, ES -> ES. Keeps the same immunities

#3 InDoRaPtOr Stats all stay the same except the Health. Health: 3900 -> 4000. Skill changes: APS -> DSS, CI -> CI, DSR -> Define Rampage, ES -> ES. Keeps the same immunities. Gains Swap-In Ferocity.

*(I had to abbreviate the skill names as I’m typing this in a rush. I’ll edit it later to not abbreviate the skill names.)

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4000 HP
1200 damage
20 crit
0 armor
129 speed

Cautious strike
Evasive stance

Immune to deceleration

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Indoraptor gen 1
Health: 3,900
Speed: 128
Immunities: immune to stuns and immune to distraction
Move set:
Defense shattering strike: deal 1x bypass armor and shields

Cleansing impact: deal 1.5 times damage. cool down 2

Defense shattering pounce: destroy shields bypass armor deal 2x damage. Reduced damage by 50% for one turn. Cool down 1

Evasive stance

I m stumped on whether to use cautious or defense shattering strike


I liked it, it’s very powerful!

that would make him pretty annoying!Very GOOD!

this is very good … and strong!


Lol ya but I think weakness to decl is fine cause those who have it have weak attack plus if you don’t use cleanse you can use it next turn, if it only had that immunity it be pretty annoyed but stuff like tryko, paramo, thylo stuff with stun and distraction

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And it makes sense because e of it’s parent’s abilities

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Yeah,make sense!

Although I think it needs a delay of one to keep it balanced


Cause imagine doing that off the bat it be insane even for a unique


That would be cool!!

Could kill opponents with one hit easily!

lol but then it would need a nerf in attack ands it doesn’t need anymore of that so just that delay would help a lot


Yeah!I agree!

So what concept do you have

My version of Indoraptor:

Hp: 3900
Dmg: 1400
Speed: 128
Armor: 0%
Critical: 20%

-Cleansing Strike
-Critical Impact
-Distracting Rampage

Immune To Distraction
Immune To Stuns



Hp: 3950
Dmg: 1390
Speed: 128
Critical: 30%

-Cleansing Strike
-Defense Shattering Impact
-Precise Pounce
-Evasice Stance

Immune To Damage Over Time
Immune To Stuns

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Hmm interesting idea with cleansing strike although it be kinda of annoying as Indo gen 2 or pura. But not as much it be a cool thing to have

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But that attack yikes