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Thought this we be a fun topic. What do you wish Ludia was like?

For me I wish they

  • Wanted a fair and balanced game. Without “feature creatures” that are created overpowered and nerfed each update. This creates a lot on conflict. Players are going to use overpowered easy win stuff and love it. Other players are going to hate those overpowered mascots. It’s not the player’s fault for using them or wanting them nerfed. It’s ludia’s fault for making them that way.

  • Did not test ideas on the main player base. This is what betas are for. Players invest money into these ideas only for Ludia to change them later after a test run. (I am serious they do some big changes just to test them out and see how it effects everyone. I read this in update notes from JWtG and JWA)

  • Allowed more freedom of expression The only everyday battle options are the arena and battles with friends (that give no incubators are difficult to coordinate and are very limited ). We need an everyday PvP/AI option that allows players to battle in an unranked battle using boosted or unboosted at whatever rarity they want. Not forcing them to use only a limited number of things over and over just to get incubators


Bit more communication about what’s under development and why things are ignored would be nice. Many game companies involve their player base a lot more.

I would also expect a lot more from the player base. People want sooooo many things for free, rolled back, in their benefit. Nobody ever stops and think why these decisions are made and that it’s pretty tough to make money from a free game.


I wish they would…
Fix bugs.

Not release a patch until it’s 99.4% bug free.

Take half the income they get and hire a serious hardcore tech team to find, prevent, and ban cheaters.

Make effort equate to power in dinosaurs. No more easy epic tyrants.

Better communication.

Other than that?
I’m not a dev I got nothing. I’m just an adapt and overcome guy.


One thing id really like to see implented is something like clash royal party matches…

A mode where you can fight matches for quests, incubators, and dbis outside the standard arena. Now they cant quite mimick the spawning of certain cards on both sides of the map. But they can set up wonky rules that last a week for this mode… like speedsters have 2x health… or like this week powerup dinos deal an additional 2x damage while powered.

Crazy stuff… doesnt have to be balanced only for a week constant rule changes will keep it fresh and gives a break from the constant grind the arena becomes after you plateau. If you hate it you still got the arena and tournaments.


I wish they gave a damn about the game and/or could be at least reasonably competent. I know I know; crazy fantasy.


I mainly wish they would shift their focus away from pushing their horrific “microtransanction” model (though their is nothing micro about the prices) and focus on a well balanced and worthwhile subscription model with a decent f2P option. Seems most of their patches and changes are geared towards trying to steer folk toward buying overpriced store items at the minute rather than figuring out how to make a fun game that attracts a loyal subscriber base.