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Your Version of: Mammotherium #59

Suchotator and Thylacotator: guess we’ll soon have rhino and pig for dinner


After some calcs using the 1100 mammotherium, tenonto can beat It in 2 turns( It can beat It as long as It has less than 1500 damage). Thor can beat a mammotherium with less than 4494 hp If It crits on the first attack, or a 4200 hp one If It crits on the second hit with IC. Tryko can beat a 1100 damage mammotherium without having to use instant distraction, though It will end up with more health If It does. With that in mind, I think that 4400 HP and 1100 damage is the sweet spot for the nerf.


1100 is a bit too low for it I think. That lower attack is already kicks it straight out of tyrant, and I think it should at least be able to beat most dinos, given it’s made of an unobtainable creature.

Well that’s kind of the point, it shouldn’t be it a regular hybrid it make sense if entelmoth was say the next evolution and a unique but both of the mammoth brother are way to strong

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Also don’t forget they will never have 1,100 attack it will be 1.6 k attack since it literally has an endless ferocious move available.


I think that good will speed and everything stay the same tho cause I think it good

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Hybrids can be as powerful if not more than superhybrids, especially considering mammo is 10x more difficult to obtain than indo, thor, tryko, etc.

then why aren’t carboceratops, dilophoboa, koolabourgina, megalogaia as good as the mammoth brother then

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I would be totally unopposed if they were better than they are now.

Also that is literally like weirdest logic ever like what the thing you use to make better things should be better than those supposedly better things?

It’s like saying dilophoboa should be better than spinoconstrictor, or pyritator better than magnapyritor

Yeah. Sure. If it’s 10x harder to get, why not? You literally made up an arbitrary rule that you think the game should go with. That’s just not how things work.

That literally how the game has worked since it launched

You unlock a creature then another fuse those to make a better strong creature then fuse it with something else to make an even more powerful creature

The has worked like that for two years it’s why uniques are the best they are the best fusion of their bloodline

You want the one the best chomper you make ankytron to fuse with Rex bam tryko super hybrid

You want the best tank fuse to make ardont and then fuse with brachi bam aredentist super hybrid

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Nope. Certain hybrids have always been stronger than superhybrids. It was never a rule. And even if in some parallel universe it was a rule, all rules can be broken. Grypoly broke the “legendary + x = unique” rule. Dracoceratops broke the “no legendary has 2 commons” rule AND DC and Tloph broke the the “gen 2s can’t have hybrids” rule. The game is no longer as rigid. It’s very dynamic with exceptions and oddities everywhere. I love it in that regard.

Okay one that for fusing two creatures that completely different and even then this creatures suck like monometradon and the first Version on draco and the current, gyrpo while good is weak compared to it peers same with pyrolrh while the break the rule they know what they are easy grabs for new player to have this rarity but sacrificing actually being good

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Also I’m tyrannolopho was a rare and common it had been done but again it’s not the best

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Um ya no only one example before this was gorgosuchus and megalosuchus. And that cause megalo tries to be something it should but ya no other hybrids we’re supposed better than there next evolution that be idiotic to make that a possiblity since why have to grind when you can get it one and just go from there

I mean better in comparison to superhybrids, not better compared to THEIR superhybrid.

For example, Indomg2 is better than Indominus, Dilophoboa, etc.

Dsungaia is better than Dilorach, Tuora, Rinex, etc.

Smiloceph is better than Monolorhino.

Stuff like that.

I think that spot in tyrant should belong to it’s future unique. It’s not even a superhybrid. The 1100 damage is what is necessary for chompers to beat It. Given that It has the niche of chomper and tank, It does both things better than other tanks and chompers. Just because it’s hard to get It doesn’t mean It should beat most dinos, It only means that It should be strong according to the parents characteristics. Even with “just” 1100 It still has crazy damage output. And i chose that value specifically cause It allows chompers( and not even all of them for sure) to be a counter to an anti-tank tank, that is what mammotherium is. Right now the only end game things that can beat It are magna, Pumba, indo gen2 and gemini. Magna and indo gen2 for their niche of distractor+chomper, that’s the best formula against it. Gemini because well, It beats everything except for alloraptor. And Pumba is his even stronger sibling that is also stronger than It should. Smiloceph and diloracheirus can beat It but close to nobody uses them for endgame, so they don’t really count. Having rarity justify a creature beating most others is bad design. I do agree that they should be strong, but they need a fair number of counters. And an anti-tank tank should be countered by chompers and/or bleeders.


They are literally hybrids they are in the exact same league?!