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Your Version of: Phorusaura #94

Hello Everyone! :grin:

Here you make your own version of a certain creature! :face_with_monocle:

You can tell how to improve or worsen this creature (either by changing life, damage,speed,armor,critical or abilities) :nerd_face:

Today’s Creature is: Phorusaura :hushed:


{Data of this creature}:

Phorusaura {Legendary} :smiley:


Superiority Strike (x1) (-50% speed for 1 turn)

Instant Rampage (x2) (Priority) [Cooldown: 2]

Rampage and Run (x2) (Automatic Swap) [Cooldown: 1] [Delay: 1]

Sidestep (Priority) (Cleanse self) (100% dodge for 1 turn) (+10% speed for 2 turns)

{Swap in Stun} {66% Stun}
{Immune to Swap Prevention}

Phorusaura {Legendary} (My version) :star_struck:

HP: 3600

Strike Claws (x1) (Remove target’s cloak and evasion)

Instant Rampage (x2) (Priority) [Cooldown: 2]

Impact and Run (x1.5) (Automatic Swap) [Cooldown: 1] [Delay: 1]

Sidestep (Priority) (Cleanse self) (100% dodge for 1 turn) (+10% speed for 2 turns)

{Swap in Stun} {75% Stun }
{Immune to Deceleration}

And you?would you change this creature?and how would it change? :thinking:


{Note: This topic was made to have fun and use your imagination. Probably not everything here is serious!}

  • Phoruss need BUFF
  • Phoruss need NERF
  • Phoruss it’s FINE

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My Choice

Look … I know that many think it needs to get worse, but I disagree. I have this Hybrid (level 18 and I can take it to level 20 because I live in Area 3 and that makes it easier) and I always use it in tournaments and it doesn’t always destroy everything in its path. One thing that easily stops without a doubt is the high armor and shields, so as much as its high damage, speed and rampages are irritating, it can be stopped!

Next Creature: Gorgosuchus

Thanks for voting and leaving your version!


I agree. Phorusa is annoying but it also has definitive counters.


If you want to make less of a threat in legendary tourneys give it 33-3600 health, but gets immune to Decel.

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Yes! There are many accountants for her … but I understand the side of people who think her need a nerf.

Nah it’s one of those I JUST LOST 5 BATTLES IN A ROW TO THIS RAT, NERF IT!!!

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True lol


I think it need small nerf in damage and health

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Indeed too strong for a legendary hybrid. It’s a real shame that some legendary hybrids are way stronger than most legendary superhybrids. Phorusaura is one of these, although some woolly pig is even worse

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It’s none of those you don’t notice it until the elephant in the room is gone


Yeah, I agree. It’s not a big problem, but if everything else is balanced it could be. Right now, it’s powerful enough to be a Unique. That crazy high HP is the main reason. I dunno about it’s attack.

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I would say take down the HP down to 3750-3600. I mean it has more HP than a “high HP tank” (monolorhino even though it’s bad)

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thank you for nerfing it

It just needs a very small health nerf. Otherwise, it’s fine.

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Just give Instant Rampage a delay or bring it’s Damage down to 1200.

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I don’t know wich abilitie it’s better immune to swap prevention or immune to decel :thinking:

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HP : 3450
dmg : 1300
Speed : 130
Armor : 0%
Crit chance : 5%

Superiority strike
Instant Rampage
Impact and run

Swap in dodge
Immune to deceleration


I’m pretty sure swap-in Dodge isn’t as good as Swap-in Stun in the Legendary Skill tournaments. With Swap-in Stun, Phorusaura can stop Mammotherium and Mammolania in their tracks, breaking up their setup, which is very important (although I suppose if they get nerfed/reworked it won’t be needed anymore).

I think, for now anyway, Swap-in Stun would be better on Phorusaura.


i think she’s relatively fine as is. maybe a small drop in Hp. other than that, i think she’s fine. Hard hitting speedster, which is what they are supposed to do.


Yes I know but I don’t like those abilities who depends on RNG to land, it’s 66% but it failed 5 times in arrow when I switched with Phorus and Mono in the tourney

I guess we just need to improve his swap to 100% but then it definitely needs a nerf on his stats

Also for me Phorusaura should be at best in high apex in the tierlist but not low tyrant

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I agree. I also don’t like that, like Entelomoth, it has a perfect moveset, leaving nothing for its Unique to improve upon. At this rate we’ll just get another Unique that’s a clone of its Legendary.