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Your Version of: Player Level #45

Hello Everyone!:grin:

Here you say whether you agree with the “Level Suggestions” or disagree.:face_with_monocle:

If you disagree,you can tell how to improve or worsen :sunglasses:


{Data of Level}:

Player Level {Without classification} :neutral_face:

Max Level = 20

How to Evolve = Experience is gained by evolving, creating creatures and fusing DNA!

Benefits = Level Up Free Incubator + Max Common DNA Per Dart

Player Level {Without classification} (My version)::wink:

Max Level = 25

How to Evolve = Experience is gained by evolving,creating creatures,fusing DNA! + Open Incubators,Win Battles and Defeating Creatures

Benefits = Level Up FREE INCUBATOR + Max Commom DNA Per Dart + 100 Free DNA (75 Common,20 Rare,5 Legendary and 33% to get 1 DNA Unique) + 75 Boosts (25 HP , 25 Damage and 25 Speed)

And you?would you change this?and how would it change?:thinking:


{Note: It’s not because I modified some things means this needs to change,ok?}

  • Player Level need to change
  • Player Level don’t need to change

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i like ur version.


Thank you so much!! :smile:

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Yeah yours is good, but I’d go to… 60 or so.

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And get 70 common dna when you shoot darts at Creatures?:thinking:

Wouldn’t that be too much?:neutral_face:

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Why not? You could also increase Dinosaur level to 40 or 50 to make that DNA needed more, it wouldn’t be so crazy.

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Do you want to see a Velociraptor with 6500 damage?:laughing::laughing:

and we would need + 15 arenas!!!:sweat_smile:


Well your Apatosaurus would have like 15000 health, so it would even out. The only real drawback is battle time and how much DNA it would take for each level up. It’s possible, but it’s very unlikely and probably a bad idea.

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I’d certainly like to see player level increase but there would have to be a worthwhile benefit.

Also for those of us on 20th, will any xp since that point be retroactively awarded?

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Sure,that would be great!

You got that from one of my posts, didn’t you :sweat_smile:

You say that because I said about 70 DNA??:thinking: