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Your Version of: Purutaurus #96

Hello Everyone! :grin:

Here you make your own version of a certain creature! :face_with_monocle:

You can tell how to improve or worsen this creature (either by changing life, damage,speed,armor,critical or abilities) :nerd_face:

Today’s Creature is: Purutaurus :hushed:

{Data of this creature}:

Purutaurus {Epic} :smiley:


Cleansing Strike (x1) (Cleanse self)

Long Protection (x1) (+50% Shields for 4 turns) [Cooldown: 4]

Precise Rampage (x2) (bypass cloak and evasion) [Cooldown: 1]

Instant Distraction (Priority) (-90% damage for 1 turn) [Cooldown: 1]

{No Escape}
{Greater Rending Counter}

Purutaurus {Epic} (My version) :star_struck:

HP: 4200

Cleansing Strike (x1) (Cleanse self)

Ferocious Impact (x1.5) (+50% damage for 3 turns) [Cooldown: 3]

Vulnerability Impact (x1.5) (target’s is vulnerable for 2 turns) [Cooldown: 1]

Long Protection (x1) (+50% shields for 4 turns) [Cooldown: 4]

{No Escape}
{Greater Rending Counter}

And you?would you change this creature?and how would it change? :thinking:


{Note: This topic was made to have fun and use your imagination. Probably not everything here is serious!}

  • Purut need BUFF
  • Purut need NERF
  • Purut it’s FINE

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My Choice

He is well and balanced.

He stayed on my team for long months and it was really difficult to get him out of my team. Now I use it in tournaments and it is helping me a lot!

Next Creature: Thylacotator

Thanks for voting and leaving your version!

Maybe a change of moves, like ferocious impact, cleansing impact, pinning strike, and short defence? The rending attack would still change.

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i think puru’s kit is perfectly fine. Case and point is Carnotark who only changed Cleansing strike to superiority strike. Puru could use a bit more Hp but is fine without.


Bad move set, the best counter- attack in the game

Purutaurus cannot have no escape because it is not a land crocodile :crocodile:.

Its fuse with a crocodile, so it makes sense for this hybrid to have it


Hate the original hybrid because it takes nothing from Croc, no appearance, no stats nor skill set so my version:

HP: 4200
DMG: 1000
SPD: 108
Armor: 10%
Crit: 5%

Vulnerability Strike
Short Defense
Ferocious Impact
Cleansing Impact

Greater Rending Counter

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