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Your Version of: Sarcorixis #19

Hello Everyone!:grin:

Here you say whether you agree with the data of a certain creature or disagree.:face_with_monocle:

If you disagree,you can tell how to improve or worsen this creature (either by changing life, damage,speed,armor,critical or abilities):sunglasses:

Today’s Creature is: Sarcorixis :hushed:

{Data of this creature}:

Sarcorixis {Epic}:unamused:


Armor Piercing Strike (x1)
Greater Stunning Strike (x1)
Immobilize (100%)
Ferocious Impact (x1.5)(+50%)

Sarcorixis {Epic} (My version)::wink:


Vulnerability Superior (x1)
Greater Stunning Strike (x1)
Immobilize (100%)
Ferocious Impact (x1.5) (+50%)

{Swap in Greater Wound} {0,275x} {2 turns}


{Swap in Rending} {-25% HP}

{If she had to change,i would change the “Piercing Strike” for “Vulnerability Superior” and i think it would make sense of a bleeding to this creature}

And you?would you change this creature?and how would it change?:thinking:


I’d honestly keep it same


4000 Hp
1400 damage
116 speed
5 crit
25 armor

Pinning strike
Lethal wound
Greater stunning impact
Ferocious impact

Swap in heal


4500 HP
1300 Damage
118 Speed
30% Armour

Exploit Wound (Vulnerable for 2 turns, .20 HP 2 turns)
Greater Stunning Impact
Ferocious Impact
Swap in Wound

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My versions:

#1 Lockdown Bleeder Stat Changes; Health: 4200 -> 4400, Damage: 1300 -> 1250, Speed; 118 -> 118, Critical: 5% -> 5%, Armor: 25% -> 30%. Skill Changes: Armor Piercing Strike -> Long Defensive Strike, Greater Stunning Strike -> Greater Stunning Impact, Immobilize -> immobilize, Ferocious Impact -> Lethal Wound. Gains Swap-In Wound. Gains Immunity To Stuns. Gains Immunity To DoTs.

#2 Crocodile Stat Changes: Health: 4200 -> 4250, Damage; 1300 -> 1500, Speed; 118 -> 115, Critical; 5% -> 15%, Armor; 25% -> 25%, Skill Changes; Armor Piercing Strike -> Define Strike, Greater Stunning Strike -> Define Rampage, Immobilize -> Immobilize, Ferocious Impact -> Instant Rampage. Gains Swap-In Ferocity. Gains Swap-In Wound.

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“Swap in Ferocity” with “Instant Rampage”?Omg,it’s very strong!:hushed:

This would make sense for Rixis!:wink:

deadly combination:skull:

Einiasuchus was nerfed for having pair Ferocious Strike + Greater stunning impact

I would honestly don’t touch that creature , maybe add 50 into damage if I have to
He is good as it is.

Vulnerability Superior also would make him too op, if don’t cut the damage much stronger than you did =)

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My version of Sarcorixis:

Hp: 3450
Dmg: 1200
Speed: 115
Armor: 20%
Critical: 5%

-Pinning Strike
-Lethal Wound
-Greater Stunning Strike
-Ferocious Impact

Swap In Slow

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