Your Version of: Smilocephalosaurus #71

Hello Everyone! :grin:

Here you make your own version of a certain creature! :face_with_monocle:

You can tell how to improve or worsen this creature (either by changing life, damage,speed,armor,critical or abilities) :nerd_face:

Today’s Creature is: Smilocephalosaurus :hushed:


{Data of this creature}:

Smilocephalosaurus {Legendary} :neutral_face:


Evasive Strike (x1) (75% Dodge)
Debilitate Prowl (75% Dodge) (+50% Critical)
Precise Pounce (x2) (-50% Damage)
Rampage and Run (x2) (Automatic Swap)

{Swap in Stun} {66%}
{Immune to Stuns} {100%}

Smilocephalosaurus {Legendary} (My version) :star_struck:


Evasive Strike (x1) (75% Dodge)
Precise Pounce (x2) (-50% Damage)
Debilitate Prowl (75% Dodge) (+50% Critical)
Rampage and Run (x2) (Automatic Swap)

{Swap in Stun} {75%}
{Immune to Stuns} {100%}
{Immune to Deceleration} {100%}

And you?would you change this creature?and how would it change? :thinking:


{Note: This topic was made to have fun and use your imagination. Probably not everything here is serious!}

  • Smilocephalo need BUFF
  • Smilocephalo need NERF
  • Smilocephalo it’s FINE

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My Choice

In my opinion he is fine…

Well if we can made our version of this guy I guess making it better than Smilonemys is a thing who everyone are agrees so :

HP : 4350
DMG : 1500
Speed : 129
Crit chance : 5%
Armor : 20%

Evasive Decelerating strike
(deal 1x damage, gives 75% chance to dodge for 1 turn, reduce target’s speed by 50% for 2 turns)

Precise Pounce speed up
(deal 2x damages, reduce target’s damage by 50%, bypass the dodge effect and buff itself the speed by 50% for 1 turn)

Rending takedown
(because why not)

Rampage and run

Immune to stun
Immune to on escape moves
(I know that means nothing but it’s my version so let me decide)

Swap in acute stun
(100% chance to stun)

On escape stun
(when the opponent leaves, 75% chance to stun him then he switch on the same turn, yes this passive is totally useless)

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Why are you trying to change smilo?