Your Version of: Tryostronix #57

Hello Everyone! :grin:

Here you say whether you agree with the data of a certain creature or disagree. :face_with_monocle:

If you disagree,you can tell how to improve or worsen this creature (either by changing life, damage,speed,armor,critical or abilities) :nerd_face:

Today’s Creature is: Tryostronix :hushed:

{Data of this creature}:

Tryostronix {Legendary} :neutral_face:


Armor Piercing Strike (x1)
Ready to Crush (+50%)
Defense Shattering Rampage (x2)
Ferocious Strike (x1)

{Immunity} {100%}

Tryostronix {Legendary} (My version) :star_struck:


Defense Shattering Strike (x1)
Ready to Crush (+50% Dmg and Crit)
Defense Shattering Impact (x1.5)
Ferocious Impact (x1.5)

{Immunity} {100%}
{On Escape Heal} {+50% HP}

And you?would you change this creature?and how would it change? :thinking:


{Note: This topic was made to have fun and use your imagination. Probably not everything here is serious!}

  • Tryos need BUFF
  • Tryos need NERF
  • Tryos it’s FINE

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In my opinion, Tryostronix is ​​fine. Mine is level 21 and is the creature that does the most damage on my team! (5092) Damage and he is not “boosted”).

His only problems are dodging and Nullifying Skills, otherwise he destroys everything in his path (mainly creatures with counterattack).

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Mine is at lvl 26 and will always be in my team it may not always be the best, but when it can be setup it does a huge amount of damage

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4500 HP
1400 DMG
30 Crit
0 Armor
125 SPD

Defense shattering strike
Ferocious strike
Adrenaline Surge (Good to see you again old friend)


You nerfed Tryostronix for the most part. The only part that could be changed is Ready To Crush for the old move Adrenaline Surge, just like in @Mattylus’s version.

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You’re right … Now I have made some “better” changes!

Take out Ready to Crush would be a big NERF…

Are you sure you want to replace DSR and FS for DSI and FI? I feel like tryo needs that DSR.

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(1250) +50% = 1875 (Ready to Crush)
(1875) x1.5 = 2812 (Ferocious Impact)
(2812) +50% = 4218 (Ferocious Impact)
(4218) x1.5 = 6328 (Defense Shattering Impact)
(6328) x1.25 = 7910 (Critical)


HP : 4050
DMG : 1200
Speed : 126
Armor : 0%
Crit chance : 5%

Persistent Ferocious strike
Defense Shaterring Rampage
Critical Rampage
(deal 2x dmg with critical effect)
Cooldown : 2 turns
Ferocious regeneration
(heal 50% full HP and increase the DMG to 50% on the next turn, doesn’t have priority)
Cooldown : 3 turns

On escape Ready to Crush

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You do realize that adrenaline surge is +25% health and +50% damage for like 2 turns?

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I made a mistake… :neutral_face:

But I still prefer Ready to Crush. :sweat_smile: