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Your worst nightmare

Here you can post all things that you’re definitely not want in the game

Here’s mine

  1. Apex incubators
    (ludia releasing incubators where we can buy apex creatures)
  2. Dracorat gets a new op swap in move
  3. A nitro chomper stonger than thor and tryko
  4. A indo hybrid better than erlidominus
  5. Ludia adds crit and armor boost
  6. A op nitro hybrid for ornithomimids

Edit : this is supposed to be a joke


Shhhhhhutttttt up… Nobody is supposed to talk about number 5 Ever :slight_smile:


Ludia telling us its okay. The game is as it should be. No need to fix any aspect of Arena.

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  1. More bugs (if there still is any left to make)
  2. Max speed on spinning and getting spawns when driving (shotgun off course :shushing_face: )

3. Your number 5 (lets not talk anymore about that)

  1. Coin chase with no chests (ups already in the game)
  2. Max darts (140) in inventory coming back

Yup let’s don’t talk about no 5

What you mean, I would love a new indom hybrid and we’ll probably get one with the scorpius Rex. It will probably be a indom with dot. What you should be scared about it Jurassic world indom coming to the game, like how powerful it was in the movies.

Guys we need to use reverse psychology we have to tell them what we would love to have in the game here because if we hate it they love it it works on 5 year olds so I’m confident it can be successful here

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We tell them what we want every day

Because people will milk that one as soon as it’s out and we have another high level thor in the aviary situation

Yes, I would still love to have an indom hybrid tho. It had a high chance of happening, although I see why No one wants another cloaker that is op.

I made a version where indom is from Jurassic world. I have it on toolbox but this is mobile.


Attack: 2000
Health: 5100( this thing took a rocked and just got right up)
Armor: 10%
Fierce strike
Distracting impact
Defense shattering rampage
Revenge cloak

Everything immune except for no taunt resist and 67% distraction

I would make it taunt immune cuz it’s really smart but it fell for a trick in camp Cretaceous

This thing has the attack of mortem rex the health of dentis the crit of thoradolosaur on the kit of a monolometrodon broken does not suffice to describe it

ya, thats how powerful i think the jurassic world indom was. she was really smart, broke out of her cage by making the people think she climbed out, then hid her heat temperature which was how they tracked her, and blocked the little door so they had to go out the big way so its part cunning and was made of a distraction user. if only the people used her tracker. it killed an anklyosaurus and a bunch of apatosaurs really quickly, almost killing rex really quickly which is where it gets its damage from. when it fought rexy, it literally slapped and clawed her several times and through it through a building which could be considered a high crit chance. it was part anklyosaurus and had a plated back, somewhat and was really big for a therapod for extra hp.

This dino is in a class of its own, godly

1 fighting creatures with so much attack
2 darting apex creatures
3 upgrading creatures but spending so much coins
4 creatures having a swap in ability called swap in dig in
5 when Ludia gives me a stupid opponent that is 2 arenas away