You're a very active member? - you're very welcome!

Our alliance is searching for very active members, so we can help each other in best way!
We started with our alliance about three months ago… with only 3 players. Now we are 45 members in our alliance, still with high-level players inside!

But for us your actually level isn’t the most important point. We are searching for active members, who help us getting stronger and reaching benefits.
So… if you think you could be such a player bringing these charakter, feel free to become one of use.
This would be a win-win-situation for every of us and that would be the way how it should be!


Still after checking the activity of our members and leaving from some players we are searching for 10 (!!) new members who are active at game like we are and are interesseted in helping each other!

So, if you want to become a part of our alliance you’re very welcome: Fabosaurus