You're Moving Too Fast!


Is there any way you guys can make the “I’m a passenger” button only pop up once per game session or per hour or just not pop up every time i go to a drone sequence? It’s caused me to miss out on several opportunities for rare dinos and for refilling my darts. I love being a passenger on the long trips because it lets me get so much done.


I know right! This needs to happen fast


It’s weird because I get the “You’re moving too fast” message when I’m walking in my neighborhood catching dinosaurs lol. I’m pretty sure I’m not moving as fast as a car.


I get the “you’re moving too fast” while biking, yes biking. I take it as a compliment but at the same time it can be very annoying. You can only stand chris pratt for so long :joy: :skull:


I know, because I did an experiment with the wife driving… the warning can kick in as slow as 4 miles an hour.

I’m a fast Walker, and I’ve set it off going down to the mailbox


I get it while sitting in my recliner! Damm I’m reclining too fast :joy::joy:


I’m constantly hitting the “I’m a Passenger” button while riding around on my bike on every hill I’m ‘coasting’ down and speeding past their 10 mph speed limit.

It not like they have an “I’m NOT a Passenger” button. I mean like, that’s your only choice is to tap the “I’m a Passenger” button.

For us bikers, they could increase their speed limit to 15. Generally I’m going just under 10 but can’t help those hills. Having to tap the “I’m a Passenger” button is a dangerous distraction as I’m the bike driver, bike passenger and hitting drops, looking for rares and epics all at the same time. I can multi-task three things at once but add that forth of tapping that “I’m a passenger” button and I just might run over a chipmunk.


When this LazyBoy hits 88 miles per hour, you’re gonna see some serious stuff…


We don’t have enough living room to get up to 88.


I think the “you are moving too fast” button is created to avoid lawsuits addressed to Ludia if somebody will have an accident while playing. Maybe the laws from different countries has set some kind of timing to pop up the notice.

I will also appreciated if this warning can be a little less intrusive, as I go to work with bus, let’s see what will happen.


This is quite annoying, especially when the pop up ruins epic catches.


Cardi and Spared! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


I get this “you are moving to fast” message when I am standing near my house


Someone was supposed to say “living room? Where we’re going we don’t need living room.” Ah, well. Nevertheless.


I get it on the train - when from the map its obvious there are train tracks there (and my user GPS location is foillowing them). After every train stop, as soon as train has accelerated slightly on leaving station the too fast kicks in again … often with a dino I “need” getting missed due to the “too fast”. Fully agree that clicking once per session should be enough


Missed opportunity!!


Just got it sitting on the porch, i had the phone in my pocket, went inside to drop the kids off at the pool (if you know what i mean :wink:) and got back outside and it popped up.


I’ll sign whatever long waiver is necessary at the start of every game or every 30 minutes, heck even 15 minutes would be alright but not every single battle and stop.


I feel they could word it a little better and then they won’t have to pop it up every 20 seconds. Sign a waiver or something saying no one but you can play the game and if you hand it off then that person isn’t covered making you liable not Ludia than say by signing this you agree not to drive any vehicle including recreational vehicles and toys that move such as bicycles skateboards rollerblades and hoverboards and if you do by signing this you accept all damages and responsibilities for the damages caused by doing so. Something like that but get a lawyer to write it.


We talking about poopin’ now? Word