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You're Welcome

So what can I say except, you’re welcome?
(Props to those who understood it!)

For those who didn’t… Maui is a character of the movie “Moana” and he has a famous song “You’re Welcome”… since this creature had the name Mauisaurus, it reminded me of Maui… xD


Gives 325 LP.


Ya I did it second time only for lp

Could be something to do with the Code 19.

I do. Reference from Moana


@Apple that is correct! xD

Did you know that this plesiosaurs is actually named after a dimigod?

I don’t get it.

Can someone fill me in?

i know its a lot, the hair, the bod


@ImElusiveYT when you’re staring at a demigod!

Sounds like a rock to me.

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what can i say except you’re welcome, for the tides, the sun, the sky

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I don’t either.

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@Timmah @Predator_X I edited the post, you can see the reference there… xD

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Your welcome. :laughing: