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[YouTube Content Creator] Doctor PeCe

Just a new youtube content creator, right now all my videos are in spanish (no plans on changing that soon, sry). I spend most of the time complaining about me being bad a this game, maybe we could share that toghether… xD

Link to my channel

Actual footage about JWA:

5 things I hate the most about Jurassic World Alive!

New season and rewards

New dinos and weekend tournament with epics


Making our adversary cry with Mammolania

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Do you answer questions?

why not :wink:

Excelentes tus videos. Coincido, el emparejamiento está cada vez peor.
Translated from Spanish to English:
Great videos. I agree 100%. The matchmaking is awful.

Thank you, matchmaking is indeed kinda strange, I face level +28 dinos all the time (more than half being 29-30), and my most leveled dino is 27 (soon 28), all others at 23-25 at 5.000-5.200 trophies.

Opponents with overleveled dinos? No problem!

Oh well… I watched the video and doesn’t contain any inappropriate language nor offensive mentions to Ludia.
It’s just funny how topics are censored for no reason in here, lol.

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This is 2.0 Update!