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The Ludia Community Management team reached out to me to encourage me to make this post. I am normally not into self promotion, but since they don’t seem to mind I’ll give it a whirl.

Recently I reached the Top 500 players in Jurassic World Alive! Here is the video:

I think I just got kicked out by Arena Bots though sadly. I keep battling people with all Level 30 dinos and my best dinos are 21 V-Raptor and 16 or below everything else.

I’ve also been doing some spending in the game so all my episodes include paid incubator and event incubator opening! If you want to pick through my videos here is a playlist of them all:

A lot of you probably know I spoofed in Pokemon GO. I consider that a PVE game with no PVP features so it’s really just a collector game. This is a real PVP game and I am not spoofing it as that would be cheating. I drove almost two hours to get the AMC Incubator and I met some people there who did the same thing. Good times!

For the future of my JWA Series on my channel I hope to do more hunting of rare and epic dinos that I need for fusions. Just trying to find time and it’s over 100 degrees almost daily where I live in Sacramento, CA so I’m not getting out as much as I’d like. The events are really amazing to get me to my local parks though. It’s hard to skip my nightly walk when there are guaranteed amazing dinos out there!

OK thanks for reading and please subscribe!


I will indeed check you out @JonnoYT.

All the best with your channel and content creation.


I’m already a subscriber.


Good to see you go in the direction of legitimate play.


It’s good to see a developer in the AR space that has created a game that is fairly balanced for all players in all parts of the world.



HI Jonno. I love your vids and completely support your idea that a PVE should be played with different set of standards than a PVP.

Also, I have a lot of fun watching you spend YOUR money on those incubators (gets it out of my system to see what’s in them, and since I’m not interested in leaderboards… ).

So, keep up with those great vids and good to see you on this forum!

                                                                    _P E A C E!!!!!!!_