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What a day! I unlocked two new Dinosaurs today, including my first Legendary class dino! https://youtu.be/bDH2pvfE0i8



Can you tell the difference between Bots, AI, and human opponents in Jurassic World Alive? Today’s video breaks it all down.
Bots, AI and How To Know The Difference


New dinosaur spawns were part of the first global migration in Jurassic World Alive. Here is what we know so far. https://youtu.be/fOw-zi8THzc


Today I visit a Paleontology Museum to find out how the Jurassic World Alive version of Allosaurus stacks up to history’s version. https://youtu.be/IskWaR1mQYQ


Do you know the odds of an Epic spawning in your habitat? Today’s video explains the different spawn rates for Common, Rare, and Epic dinosaurs both Global and Local. https://youtu.be/7razpDHW7jI


Are new dinosaurs, moves hinting at an update in Jurassic World Alive? https://youtu.be/QF08B2nGLOo


Today I hit the World-Famous Santa Monica Pier in search of Epic Dinosaur spawns! https://youtu.be/hKYwSn2dzz8


Jurassic World Alive had a MASS EXTINCTION yesterday but today dinos are back and they come with a gift. https://youtu.be/f766Bh-elsw


Love the vids bud, keep up the good work!


This was quite possibly the greatest 60 minutes of Jurassic World Alive on the web! Welcome to downtown Los Angeles where the spawns were LIT! https://youtu.be/N0UdNJI5DRI


Omg its you I watch your channel so much! love your vids!!


Oh man. Today did not go as planned and the result was picking up loss after loss after loss in Sorna Marshes. https://youtu.be/Dqd36W_2B3A


The first of a four-part series where I was explain exactly what you can expect to find in each habitat zone in Jurassic World Alive. Today, I cover zone 4. https://youtu.be/k3uLzFQvHjs


Jurassic World Alive version 1.3 is coming soon and today we got patch notes. This MAJOR update is going to be GREAT! Details: https://youtu.be/3ke-g4IZii0



Six new hybrids are coming to Jurassic World Alive. What dinosaurs just became worth darting before v 1.3’s release? Here is what I think… https://youtu.be/tjeBE9w2Xx4


Jurassic World Alive v 1.3 is FINALLY here! It is MUCH too large to cover in just one video so here are the basics. https://youtu.be/seXapP1JSgo


Strike Towers are coming to Jurassic World Alive. Here is a sneak peak at the upcoming PvW feature. https://youtu.be/3v9TBwLEUv4


Forget everything you knew about global spawns in Jurassic World Alive because version 1.3 bring with it new spawning patterns. https://youtu.be/cK2DWgxUvc4