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Is this the BEST habitat zone for using your Rare Scent Capsule?


How do you make a choice when there are no bad choices?



I made some time during my trip to NYC to play JWA in Central Park.


The “battle” against Pocemon was one of my favorite videos to date. So while I was in New York, we decided to have a rematch only… I don’t think things went as well this time around.


I used all of my Sino dna from the past few events to unlock Thoradolosaur just for strike towers like today’s!


I often get asked to do a video on arena battles so here it is! Enjoy!


Did I discover a MAJOR problem with park spawns during today’s video?


I have finally unlocked every legendary Dino currently in the game!!


Finally i did play against you :slight_smile: just lost because of dracorex gen 2, but it was nice to battle.



The newest unique dinosaur to join the strike team!


DG2 is a sneaky little Dino! GG.


The Holiday Chase is coming!


Shield Breaker Duo Epic Strike Tower Guide.


Watch this BEFORE you start working on Dracoceratops over the next two weeks.


Dracorex Gen 2 causing you problems in the battle arena? Here is a complete list of Dinos which will take out the pint-sized terror!


Looking for a way to take down the Cunning Creatures Epic Strike Tower? This should help.


Are new Dinos coming to JWA and What is going on with Scent Capsules?

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Taking down an epic strike tower may never have been more simple. Check out today’s video on how to defeat a level 30 Brachiosaurus no matter what level you are and enjoy your rewards!


A little throwback to when I was playing JWA in NYC.