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You've Got a Friend in Glythronax

Yudon sat alone as always after another long boring day. He sometimes wished he never got strengthened up, for up there he had none to keep him company. Well, except the cunning Indoraptors Auroraa and Agnarr - but they were more preoccupied showing off their battle skills that they bothered the least to make space for Yudon. Poor fellow.

It wasn’t as if he had no friends though. He still interacted at times with the Island Inhabitants, but such moments were few. Until one day, he saw his friend Lythronax zooming past his home. Yudon barely had time to process what just happened as Lyth screamed, “see you up there brother!”.

Much time was not necessary for clarifying some of the several questions Yudon had. As he saw Lythronax again, he noticed changes. However, the old friendly smile remained. Yudon then understood what happened. He recollected his own pre-strengthened self as Yutyrannus; and felt a surge of happiness realising Lythronax followed those footsteps. Or should he say, Glythronax?

The days passed and despite Yudon still being alone at work, he looked forward to seeing Glyth there soon. He did not have to wait much longer. It was as if the Park workers wanted Glythronax powered up as soon as possible. Much impatience was observed in whoever their restless Park Owner was.

Yudon woke up the next day, saw it and let out a loud scream - he wasn’t sure of it being due to happiness, shock; or rather both. Had Lythronax’s old smile not remained, it would have been impossible to recognise this form of his - the best he could be.

With that, Yudon no longer had to be alone at work. He now has competition from someone close to his potential.

Wait, you thought it was all totally friendly and fun?

Yeah, I finally got Glythronax maxed up! Wrote this story in a hurry, was a bit too excited haha.

It’s almost adorable how Glythronax at max doesn’t dethrone a third evo Yudon…

As for the inaguration, Glythronax’s first opponent was none other than the resilient legend himself…

…and here’s the Rampage!


Thanks for reading, hope you liked it! ◉‿◉



I’ll soon be getting my Glynth to L30 so I’ll be joinin ya :wink:


Such a beautiful story, bring a tear to my eyes :cry: :cry:
ANo really it was a really good story as always


I love that picture you captured of him facing the rajastega, gotta say hes a pretty beautiful hybrid at 40.

What’s next on the list for you? I say max metriaphodon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oil? :oil_drum::white_check_mark:

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BEAUTIFUL :star_struck: !!!

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