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Yudon and Pachygalosaurus



15 lvl Yutyrannus + 15 lvl Troodon


I think it need to lose either dodge or the distraction resistance. It would hit too hard and not take enough damage

I’ve updated it

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By mistake, I’ve kept it’s critical chance 5%



Pachyrhino wouldn’t have dig in; between ceratopsids 1 has regen and the other is more offensive (Einio being regen, trike g2 being offensive for commons, trike g1 having dig in and nasuto being offensive for rares, and sino being the only regenerative one for epics.

I’d give pachyrhino resilient impact and greater stunning impact.

Likewise Pachygalo shouldn’t have SISS or Dig-In. It could get group superiority impact and greater stunning impact again, with some slightly higher damage, maybe 1150.

Like this?

The two Yudon one the body of a troodon one a body of yut

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And something that will put rion to shame

Combine with dilo

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Yudon of jw tg