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Yup arena is still garbage

Left the game after 1.8 Thought I’d check it out, see if any improvements and guess what… nope. Arena is still absolute trash. I see a new meta is growing. Have one stupid high level dino and the rest of your team is lower level then just let your level 30 tear through an entire team. Rat for back up just in case. Spineless Cowards!


Cowards? I disagree. First of all, that won’t work with just one high level dino. You need at least 4 if you want to really take advantage of that, or else you’ll probably start losing more than winning… I do that with only one or two lower levels. If I don’t do it, I constantly face full teams of levels 28-30, when I only have one level 27 and the rest 25 and 26, so who’s the coward?.. And even by doing that I still face at least one level 28 to 30 in most battles!

So the saying “don’t hate the player, hate the game” is especially suitable today.


i think people is trying to deal with poor matchmaker.

unfortunately i tried this approach, but didn’t have benefits. i think to have advantage, i should have much higher lvl dinos. with average lvl 23, the results were worse: i had one or 2 main dinos and 2 or 3 low dinos. my one or 2 main can’t deal alone with all opponents creatures, and the lower are fresh beef.

a player that was problem with me used 5 lvl 1 dinos but 3 lvl 27-30. so, a lvl 30 utasino almost eaten me all. maybe that strategy is working, because player is 5000+ trophies and leader of an alliance.

but yep: people are trying to make lemonade with ludia lemons.


Just thought I’d put this here…



I feel kind of stupid for not figuring out how to beat this meta now!

When they said matchmaking was going to be based on overall team strength including boosts, level, and rarity it was obvious that it was going to be better to have half your team high ( Thor, rat, Tryko, Erlidom ) and boosted , with the other half unboosted and low. A bleeder or two, and maybe a tank with a stunner.

I’ve dropped over 500 trophies since it was changed, simply for having my best eight dinos out, and because I refuse to use the rat. But to be honest, I’d rather be where I am and maintain my integrity than have a team like some out there to abuse the system. I know it isn’t cheating as such, but I feel cheated by Ludia who have developed such a stupid matchmaking system in the first place.

Bring back matchmaking based purely on trophies Ludia, there are just as many droppers with this system so it didn’t work anyway.


I wonder if they do it intentionally.

Some people just want to watch the world burn. Lol


Integrity? It’s a freaking app game! And I just want my incubator :joy:

Until a couple of weeks ago I also played with my best until I lost more than 10 in a row just to get an incubator (and ended up NOT getting it, 'cause I had stuff to do)… That happened frequently, but this time it made me really mad, so I started doing it. This is my current team. Sucho and Indo on the bench would be my main creatures.

And still, even with that team, here’s what I have to face… I went through the trouble of gathering some of my latest opponents in this pic.

Now, just imagine what I have to face with my main team… I tried it once just now and the result was two level 29 and one level 30, hahaha, screw that! I agree that mixing creatures of level 1 and 30 is BS, but those dear Dimos of mine mostly bring me opponents at my level that I should be facing. So I’m still in a disadvantage when the Dimos are selected, but it’s better than having to face unbeatable freaks. Matchmaking is clearly set to screw with us all…


my tryings was not good. all my lower level dinos was loosing speed war, because lowest opp’s boosted dinos are faster than velociraptor.

then i couldn’t make a single move and lost that dino.

then i tried swappers to sacrifice, like dracorex2 or dymodactile. but didn’t make enough damage for boosted uniques. and was 1 dino lost for half damage.

i don’t know how you do with this situation. :cry:

and when system selects more of the weaker dinos and less of main, i miserably loose the same way i loose when matchmaker place me against lvl 30 teams using my main.

meanwhile i am forever stuck at high aviary. never get 5k trophies, no matter how i setup my team or upgrade it (every time i upgrade i face even stronger and drop, as reported in more than one topic here).

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I send the Dimos against Trykos and Dios when I believe they will use one of their instant defenses. Also against Thor at its Instant Charge turn and when I feel a Draco is coming. So they serve more as sacrificial lambs for protection.

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Imo can try accumulate and then boosting a few dinos in groups instead of one by one, with priority given to speed, followed by rest of the stats, if you have those boosts available.
I’m about to bring up erli and dilo to tier 6 speed, and maybe thor to 7. And also want to bump up the health & attack a bit. But I’ll boost in groups of dinos, instead of 1 by 1. Hopefully this makes a difference.
Battling in high aviary as well, but managed to sneaked past 5k trophies in current season with some lucky breaks, before dropping down again.

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this week seems to be insane for aviary, doesn’t it? league arena players pulled down in trophies, matchmaker placing us against some monsters.

i faced a few lvl 29-30 turbos yesterday and today.

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Aviary is a mess, but still better than Library hell. That background in Library is one of worst “bugs”. You can’t see anything battling in Library in sunny weather. I’m usually moving up and down between 4800 - 5100. Locked 2000 Anky on day one, now I’m closer to 4800.

My current team all boosted tier 5 or 6, except Dio and Tryko speed is tier 3.

I’m leveling them normally and didn’t experienced changes in matchmaking. Was way worse matchmaking when boosted Rinex and Erli speed to tier 6. Either see teams 27-30 boosted or teams 21-24 boosted.

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my team is worse than yours, and im 4800-4900. :scream:

is matchmaker punishing you for having many uniques? i mean, higher team strenght (rarity + lvl), higher mm score.


Maybe, or just bad matchups and few misplays.

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look at these 2 players:

they are 2nd and 3rd of my alliance. they are always 200~300 trophies below me. and they play well in friendly. i think MM is punishing them for having many uniques.

Sometimes RNG team choise decides match outcome even before you start the battle. On losing streaks I’m matched many times against opponents with perfect counters to my team. I hate those matches. If I’m outplayed then I at least know why I lose. At least had chance to win.

The leaderboard and trophies are still messed up from 1.7. There are still full 30 squads in lockwood estate who got caught there during the 1.7 debacle.

But on the other hand if people are with 22-26 teams in library and gryo you should fully expect to be facing people with 28-30 dinos as that is where they belong. If you are punching above your weight in the Arena at some point you’re going to start facing people who can hit harder than you.

What makes MM bad is the unknown element of how can someone with 600 trophies above me and higher boost and tier team, 1, face me in the first place and, 2, take 38 trophies from me?

If MM was back to trophies this would never happen. The leaderboard would accurately reflect team strength and skill, as a leaderboard should. Battles would be largely fair as you face those around you, you level up you are likely to climb a bit. I’m still really confused who had the idea that Maine Red Claws could win the NBA Championship by only playing G League teams…:rage:


Agreed, in the old MM you could at least make sense if your matchups.
I was wondering, do you guys often face weaker teams, cause someone must be doing the slaughtering?
For the first time In weeks I faced one of those. I wish there was an applause button or something like that because that person put up one hell of a fight while having no chance. He/she should at least get something for the effort :frowning:

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